Note to reader: I got an iPhone recently because I like the thought of blogging on the go and with the handy WordPress App, I wanted to see how easy or challenging it was. Here goes…

After lots of hiking and biking in woodlands over the past few months, my inner mermaid was calling.

We therefore took a trip to the coast which is usually Barmouth (camping back in November) but this time we chose Aberystwrth.

The drive was beautiful – passing by Devils Bridge which is full of crystal clear streams that wind on up and down the mountains, with cascading water falls. Acres and acres of forest which has an abundance of Eagles, Red Kites and Buzzards flying around looking for lunch. We were so high up that we drove through cloud and although I’m quite used to this now, it still boggles my mind! The landscape albeit beautiful is somewhat harsh and not one to get stuck in on a cold and wet day.

After an hour and half drive we arrived at Aberystwrth.

I love the coast – it smells of salt and vinegar chips, sounds of seagulls and the feeling of crisp sea air. I especially love the peer here too – reminds me a lot like Llandudno only, at the ends of this one is a castle and a giant mountain with cable cars.

It was a grey day, a tad rainy and a breeze that picked up much later but the air was fresh and clean. We took a walk along the peer, stopping off to take pictures here and there. We also took a walk around the castle (this is where it got cold!) and then stopped off for a hot chocolate and some chips (traditions have to be kept!)

It was a pleasant and very relaxing day and I could have stayed by the beach forever! On the drive home we stopped off at Borth beach too. Only to find most of it missing.. Since the high tides and winds, the council have been busy building sand banks, so it didn’t look too beautiful! We then went on to Yinislais (I think I’ve spelt that right – don’t ask me to pronounce it!) where we tested out the four wheel drive on the sand (boys and their toys eh!) and then home we went.

Who says the beach is just for summer? It has a completely different feel to it in the winter, which I love but I didn’t fancy dipping my fins in, not until about May… Have you been making the most of winter?











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