Shell Island, Llanbedr is my new favourite place to be in Wales this summer when it comes to camping. I’ve heard a lot about it and up until this weekend, I’ve never been. I’m super glad that changed!

Shell Island, Wales

What can I say about Shell Island? Other than it’s amazing. It’s amazing because it’s an island of two halves. If you love green landscapes with a bit of water than the first half(as you come into the island) is surrounded by vast hills, mountains and a little harbor. My favourite however, is the far side that over looks the clear sea and Snowdonia.  I was fixated on the view from the tent…

So what prompted my camping trip? Well I’m off to Cornwall in August to surf and I’ll be camping for a week. With a new tent and equipment it’s wise to have a test camp so to speak and since Shell Island is only an hour and half away, it would be crazy not to.

Once you get on there and the tide takes over, you can’t get off the island until the next morning but don’t panic. There’s everything you need  – shop, restaurant (with OK veggie food), bar, launderette, camping shop, gift shop, toilets and showers.

During our trip….

We were there for a night (back for two next weekend) and the weather wasn’t that great. We had a lovely spot just on the edge of the cliff overlooking the beach. The winds were harsh and with not much (if any) shelter, the tent did take a good battering. Still it only took us half hour to put it up and get set up.

We sought shelter in the restaurant and had a good old veggie sausage, chips and beans to warm us up followed by a game of pool and a good laugh on the dance machine (I felt 13 again!)


When we got back to the tent, the sun was beginning to set and wow – it’s was marvelous! This part of the coast including Barmouth seems to get wonderful sunsets-the sky looked as though it had been set on fire. The pink cotton candy clouds created shadows and the back drop of the mountains looked fierce.  We sat with a green tea and ginger biscuits and watched it set fully by 9pm. In awe, we hit our sleeping bag and tried to block out the blistering cold. It doesn’t bother us usually but we’d forgotten our warm clothes and so had to survive with just our hoodies. (Note to self : remember stuff!!!)

Waking up to the sound of Sids, (seagulls) and gentle waves was blissful. The tent was like a sauna which was welcomed and we had a lazy morning that included lots of bananas , biscuits and green tea.  Eventually when we got up, we strolled on to the beach and went for a walk – stropping off to take photos and I dipped my toes in the clear but very cold sea.

We walked over the rocks to catch the tide going out and did some sand surfing on the white sandy dunes. The sun, was warm and again welcomed, the breeze salty and cold.




It was a pleasure to the senses.

And back we go after Coed Y Brenin next weekend. Gosh I love where I live.

Are you planning on camping year?

P.S I wasn’t using my Nikon D70 this time due to a flat battery so I had a go of a Cannon and whilst they’re OK, I’ll always be a Nikon girl.


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