Last Sunday after our hill hiking adventures, we decided to keep up the pace and walk from Aberystwyth  to Clarach Bay.  It’s a coastal walk and an enjoyable one at that! Bella the dog wasn’t with us this time. 😦

Leaving from Aberystwyth peer (the opposite end of the castle) you’re faced with climbing up Constitution hill.  It’s a steep climb but the path’s clearly laid out for you.  There are other more challenging routes to take, that are not as easy on the feet.

Clarrich Bay - Coastal walks - loving life in wellies blog

The holiday season is just starting so that means Aberystwyth is more alive with tourists and the trams up Constitution hill are working!


The Coastal Walk 

If you know me, you’ll know I adore the sea.  I especially love this coastal hike because of the sea views that go on forever. It’s an easy walk over the winding paths and you can see Clarach Bay in the distance. To get there, it’s only about 5 miles.  The path is made of gravel and I would recommend shoes that support your ankles and that have grips. It’s wise to feel as sturdy on your feet because it gets quite gusty up there and you’re  on the edge. Quite literally.


Look out for small grey and white birds who stick together in flocks of 3-4 ( I thought only sheep flocked?!) in the nearby bushes. Of course you’ll see a lot of Sids (Seagulls) and some Crows too.


The weather on the way there was overcast and windy but it’s still a beautiful walk especially if you’re with friends, friends who make you laugh as much as mine do!

Clarach Bay 


Once you reach Clarach, if you’re used to more aesthetically pleasing beaches (think smooth sands and soft waves like Barmouth) here is much less clean shaven and natural which I like also.  Big black boulders, crashing waves, a pebbled beach and intimidating cliffs gives Clarach a unique feeling to it.


It’s mainly a caravan and camping site with a few little shops for the visitors but if you walk through, then you’ll be reunited with the coastal path again.


We only got so far because the winds became bordering on gale force but if you do carry on, you’ll end up in Borth which is about an 8 mile walk there from Aberystwyth.

Home we go


On the way back, the sun put his hat on.  It’s a nice distraction too since the walk back is steep.  Thankfully there are strategically placed benches and picnic spots to have a rest on!  We always sit for a while and marvel at how amazing it looks, when the sun catches part of the sea, making it look as though the sea is made up of tiny diamonds.


I can’t express how much of a relaxing walk it is, although challenging in some parts, it’s a coastal walk I’ve done a few times now and will continue to do so. Next time, I’d like to get to Borth and back to say I’ve done the 16 mile round trip. Oh and have a picnic also. Oh, oh and to stand on top of Constitution hill of a night because I believe the lights from the peer are spectacular!


Where’s your favourite place to walk and why?


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