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Yoga with Adriane

My March mission is going exceedingly well. The 30 day yoga challenge is doing me the world of good! I’ll admit day one was a challenge and it left me thinking that the classes were for advanced levels but actually, it was just my body adjusting.

I’m only on day 5 and I don’t do it the weekends as I’m usually hiking. But aleady, I’m not clock watching and have come to see the practice as my time on the mat and ask myself why I’ve brought myself to it in the first place.

Quite a few of the poses make me shake because I’m training my strength. So I usually repeat a word such as relaxation, calm or something along the lines to help me focus.

I do up to half hour at the start of my day accompanied by 20 minutes of meditation. As of yet, I can only switch off for 5 but I use the rest of the time to just be aware of how my body feels comfortable.

As a result of both practises I’ve seen some amazing results in not just my fitness but in terms of how easy things are to manifest and at a quicker pace.

Delicously Ella 

Food wise I’ve been delving into my Delicously Ella plant base gluten free cook book. I’ve attempted the three bean chilli, sweet potatoe chips and sweet potatoe brownies (which didn’t work out too well due to the wrong flour!)

She’s definitely made me change my attitude towards how and what too cook!

Country living 

As for getting out more, with the spring nearly upon us I’ve been taking advantage of the sunny days. Recently I took a trip to Devil’s bridge which was just amazing. Word to the wise, if you don’t like climbing steep stairs – it’s not the place for you! But the chance to stand on top of a waterfall is worth the ascent and decent.

I’ve been hoola hooping too which I’m obsessed with and of course biking to carry on my prep for Coast to Coast.

Generally although I’m only a week in, I feel like my attitudes have changed and a big shift in my lifestyle is happening.  It’s amazing how quick things change when you are prepared to act.

There’s a motto I love that says… Those who modify their behaviour rules the system. I’m not too sure who it was that said that but how true?!

Devil's Bridge - Loving Life in Wellies

Barmouth - Loving Life in WelliesPale Hall


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