Call me old but I would much rather go to a dinner party than go out on the lash and that’s how I spent my Friday night (most Friday nights) – there was cake too! (There always is..)  I love a good dance and the buzz of a wine bar’s atmosphere but I am not a huge drinker and I don’t like drunk people.  A proper night out is yearly occasion for me.

Since moving away from the city, I don’t have that desire to ‘be out and be seen.’ I spend more time going to my friend’s houses and finding other ways to have fun. Dinner and garden parties, photography sessions, fruit picking and horse riding have become a big part of my life these days.  I once knew someone who thought it was ‘abnormal’ that I didn’t need any external influencers to help me love life even more. I explained that I only have to open my eyes up to love life and living around these parts really helps too.

This weekend was especially great because not only was there home made cake, I got a lovely surprise.

During a ‘camera show and tell’ my friend brought a bag down from the lift bursting with camera equipment that she was given because the original owner inherited it, and didn’t think it wasn’t any good.  There was at least a £1000 worth of stuff in that bag. Whilst most of it didn’t fit my camera, I got a great macro lens, some other lens (I’ve no clue what) and a polarizer filter.

It was like putting my hand into a pick and mix sweetie bag!

Anyway that was me sorted for the rest of the weekend. So here’s my weekends in pictures…

Loving Life in Wellies Blog

Loving Life in Wellies Blog


Loving Life in Wellies Blog


Loving Life in Wellies Blog




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