Night Walking in Shropshire

I don’t know if you’ve noticed but the daylight doesn’t seem to be staying too long lately, the darker evenings are setting in. I kind of like it – not when it’s pitch black but as I heard someone describe it today… the edge of darkness.

Around 6-8pm is my favourite time to go walking. It’s quieter, the airs calm, slightly cooler and the energy of the place just seem ‘at one.’

It’s a good time to also go and practice some low light picture taking. So here’s a few things I set my lens on – you’ll notice I like close ups. I REALLY want to get into Macro and I’m feasting my eyes upon a macro lens soon…

There is a story relating to those signposts.

When I first moved to Shropshire, I’d always ask people how I could tell whether I was on someone’s land. They’d look at me amused… Like the blonde that I am (not by hair,) it took me up until 6 months ago to figure out what the signposts meant (and people ask me why I don’t drive?)


I love Shropshire’s skies, they seem to more spectacular than most in the UK (from what I’ve noticed.) This particular evening though was rather subtle and my aim for coming out was to have a bit of a ‘fiddle’ with things like ISO and f/stop etc. I found a place on a hill to sit and I stayed there for about half hour capturing the different light as the sun went down…






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