I’ve been passing Kingfisher kayak hire for a while now and each time I’ve said I’ll go there!

So when the sun popped up yesterday we took a trip to Kingfisher in Abermule, Wales.

Kingfisher, Kayak, Abermule

Really we should have booked but our surprised visit went down well and Miles the owner, welcomed us and booked us in for that afternoon.

It’s a fairly new business for him and his wife. They’ve been open for two years and it’s such a wonderful idea. They have got the best location for it as they’re ideally just off a main road and  the river is at the bottom of their property.


Miles is such a warm and welcoming person and you feel like a friend rather than a customer.

We chose a Canadian canoe but there are sea kayaks too (which are better than the traditional kayaks because they don’t tip as easy).  We were fitted with life jackets, sighed a disclaimer and off we went.


It was super windy that day so it was hard to paddle.  But the water was clean and shallow so I didn’t feel too nervous. Despite my mermaid claims I still get a bit scared of water! Generally the paddle down the river was awesome – there was a few set of Rapids that our boat ended up getting stuck on due to how shallow it was, but nothing a few shuffles couldn’t sort out!

Although at one point, we dropped into a pretty deep rapid just by Lakeside Golf Course and that was scary…  Miles did clearly direct which left and rights to take to avoid the shallow bits but I’m awful at taking in directions! Note to self : write it down.


The scenery was stunning on the way down – we spotted a Kingfisher, ducks, chaffinches and I even seen a few fish too. Apparently at dusk you can see otters eating crayfish!

It truly is a stunning section of the river and what I love about Kingfisher kayak hire  is that they give you the river to yourself. The run is just under 4 mile and you don’t have to share it with any other party.

Listening to Miles about his business, it inspired me when he said he doesn’t want to make it commercial and take out more than two groups of 15 a day.  I find so many small businesses have the ‘corporation mentality’ which is a real shame.

He also told me about the challenges of litter that he faces.  People are constantly dumping into the river unaware of the environmental impact it has on the surrounding areas.

When you drift down the clear river you see just how alive it is. It’s home to so many species both tiny and large. It begs a question of why people can’t see the damage they cause with their litter?

Miles told us that he and an environmental project are going to clean up the river over the next few weeks. I think it’s admirable that a small business is prepared to donate time and energy to that.

It takes over 2 and a bit hours to get to the pick up location but it took us an hour and a half with the wind helping us! On the way you’ve time to stop for a picnic and a bit of a rest should you want to.

And then Miles picks you up in his awesome truck and takes you back to where you started.



For £20 per person, it’s amazing way to spend a summer afternoon. I love supporting local business so I’ll be returning back in a few weeks to go kayaking. (Which I’ve never done!)

See you there? www.kingfisherkayakhire.com

What are you doing this summer?


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