OUTDOORS: MTB in Candy Valley, Oswestry April 22, 2015 A LOVE LETTER TO MY MTB

The Girl Outdoors gave me the idea for this post – I love her blog so go and have a peak.


(Nuts for short)

I can remember the first time I laid eyes on you – I couldn’t get over how chunky your tyres were. It’s true what they say – big is beautiful. But it wasn’t only your tyres that made me fall in love, it was your stripe of turquoise – my favourite colour! I usually take some time to fall for things but with you, it was instant.


I propped you up against the wall and imagined all of the adventures we’d go on. I had high expectations  for you and I hoped you’d live up to them. Especially since my first (borrowed) bike, Paul, was amazing, it was Paul that made me fall in love with mountain biking. Yes he was my first love but you know what they say about being second? And you are simply the best to partially quote my idol Tina Turner. But let’s not make this about her, it’s a love letter to you.

Sadly, our first proper ride didn’t go so well together. We went to Llandegla and got caught in the ice and ended up having some nasty scrapes which involved hefty trees and me knackering your derailleur.  Your breaks didn’t work that day either and you got me into a lot of trouble. Still, looking back I see it was a joint effort.


I was determined to get on with you so I took you back to your maker to see if we could partially upgrade you. Don’t take it personal mind, I’m a full believer that you should be loved for the way you are, still, you had potential and it was crazy not to enhance that!  After a long few weeks of missing you, I finally had you back home propped up against the wall where you belonged.

You looked amazing! Not only did you have brand new front and back hydraulics you had a comfortable gel seat and a load of technical add ons – which I can’t remember for the life of me….From then on, our future rides were exceptional. I trusted you as we went down some scary hills and over intimidating rock gardens and my life was in your breaks when we went around mountain edges. You’ve handled my shrieking, scrapes, bangs and my over all mtb nerves graciously and I thank you for that.


Since you look after me so well, I’ve been going on a few courses to help me look after you too. I must apologise when it comes to making sure your chain is urm… Lubed up enough.  I’m a little slack on that and I thank you for your squeaks to let me know!

You and me Nuts are going to have a lot of fun this summer. I’m so glad you’re a selfie generation because there’s going to be amazing adventures that I want to share with my readers.

Yours forever (for the next 5 yers at least).


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