The first of April came and it suddenly hit me that it’s around 8 weeks (now less) till my Coast to Coast -donate below please!


I’m scared. I’m excited.

I’ve trying to get active as much as I can which includes all different types of exercise.

Last weekend, I found a new MTB track at Coed y Brenin. It’s awesome. I dare to say I like it more than my usual Llandegla trips only because the course is designed so that you can easily go back and repeat bits and you get to the fun parts first, rather than having to get up the big hills (they leave them till last).

I’m the type of mountain biker that loves the technical bits and downhill rather than the climbs.

Anyway, March and April has and is proven excellent weather to get out into the Shropshire and the Welsh great outdoors.

Each time I exercise I feel my lungs and heart getting robust and resilient. It’s been great to have it as a focus so early on in the year. My getting fit challenge has never been for the benefit of my physical appearance (although that is a perk)! Instead it’s been about keeping me focused on how I feel on the inside both mind and body.

One thing I’ve come to learn is that self talk is vital. It will determine just how much your body will do even if your body can do less or more.

As I think about this weekend mtb sessions, I know I need to push myself further…

137 miles is going to be gruelling albeit set in a dramatically beautiful place. I need that mental strength more than anything.

But I’m discovering more and more about myself each day and I’m enjoying the process.










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