I took yet another trip! (I do work honest…)

I know December is a busy time with work so I do like to have a breather. However, I am off to Scotland in 2 weeks so it’s more of a rush to get work all completed! Anyway I digress… I went tup north, back home, to see family and friends.

It was nice to be in the city again with the fashionable types but it does make me look at my own attire and wander whether country living is catching up on me…

Whilst in Manchester, I went to not one but two vegetarian restaurants (Christmas had come early). The first place really excited me because it was an all veggie Cantonese so you could have any meat dish but without the meat and instead a tofu, soya or some other meat alternative.


I’ve never tasted anything like it before! The fact it’s been voted one of the best restaurants in Manchester on Trip Advisor says it all doesn’t it? I was meant to have taken pictures of the starter that had a number of dishes, and our mains: sweet and sour sticky ribs, chicken in Kung Poa sauce and egg fried rice but we got a little carried away with eating…. The service was lovely also and a good price too.

I even considered moving back just for that restaurant.


If that wasn’t enough, just around the corner in Didsbury is Greens, an all veggie place too.  This one doesn’t have a specific style of food but if their burger was anything to go by… WOW.  It was so filling; I didn’t need to eat for the rest of the day.

Loving Life in Wellies

What I loved about this restaurant is it doesn’t apologise for being veggie, instead it gets really creative with flavours and cooking methods and makes damn good food. My dinner pal is a meat eater, and Greens is one of his favourite restaurants so that says something also doesn’t it?

Of course my trip wasn’t all food (it probably was) but I had a serious catch up with friends and family too which was LOVELY!

Back home it was a quick stop for a change of clothes and off to Llanbedr for a night of camping. I know you may think I’m a little strange camping in the winter BUT us country types are not as mesh and we live for outdoor adventure (queue huge sweeping generalisation…)

We stopped off at Barmouth for some supplies (Pringles and Jaffa Cakes – priorities, check!) and there was a lovely sun set.  The views from the coast as we drove over were sensational, the sea and sky blended nicely in unison.


By the time we got to our place to camp, it was pitch black but I did my valuable job as head torch girl as my camping buddy put the tent up (it’s man’s work…)  Half hour later we were set up with fire and all.


I particularly love this place to camp because it’s remote, it’s next to a waterfall (the acoustics are wonderful) and the views in the morning are delectable.  And no we didn’t freeze – it was amazing weather for November!

The next morning after standing in awe of lifting mist, clear blue skies, crisp fresh air and feeling or utter relaxation we went for breakfast.

Back to Barmouth, we found a lovely little place that did veggi food (can’t remember the name)  which was opposite the harbor.  I’ve not really paid too much attention to this section of Barmouth but I wish I had sooner.

Loving Life in Wellies - Barmouth



After a walk on the beach to digest the veggi sausage we went further up the cost to a little town with a harbour and castle called Harlech. Quaint is how I’d describe it with roads that are vertical! I do not envy the locals having to walk up them…

The castle is currently under a restoration but we took a look around it and climbed narrow and steep steps to get right to the top – I felt like I was on top of the world.




And our last stop to see the sun set, get some cake and play a few tunes on the guitar on the beach was another little town near Harlech, (one I can’t pronounce or remember how to spell) but it did have an amazing cake shop that gave us ‘proper’ sized slices.

This beach was a lot more weathered than the last and the water was still a beautiful turquoise blue with a backdrop of Snowdonia.




As we drove home, we left the sun which was golden and now setting behind us.

It was a week to remember.

What have you been doing lately?


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