I finished the last of July by slouching on the sofa, under the sun,  in the middle of a lush field with a black farm cat called Hannah cuddling into me.  Every year I go to Astonbury (it’s the only Festival I go to because it’s a friend of a friends where only 200 or so people turn up and it’s relaxed and familiar.)  Camping or glamping in my case (not my choice), gluten free cake, BBQs and lots of live music finished July off perfectly.  It’s was a  welcomed weekend to relax, be still and reflect upon all of the great stuff that’s happened over the year and to just take stock you know?


It was here that I realised how well I’ve adapted to routine and no I’m not talking about how I fell asleep before midnight on both nights next to the DJ set…. (My party days are long over!)  I’ve never been one for routine – it doesn’t scream spontaneity and I like to be spontaneous. Two years ago I realised that I’d fell into a routine of working a 13 hour day behind a screen, eating nothing but fast food and weekends only existed in fairy tales.   I’ve done my best to get myself out of that routine although I suppose you could  have

228229called it a rut.

That said, I’ve managed to get myself into another routine , just a healthier one and I’ve decided I feel fine with calling it a routine.

The first stage was discovering that my digestion wasn’t happy and so I switched to nearly gluten free and followed the likes of Deliciously Ella.  I’ve mentioned before that she’s inspired me, so much so, I’ve started to actually like cooking for other people despite a few ‘soggy bottoms’ and ‘glued to pans’. It’s a work in progress.


The second stage was to decrease my work day and with the exception of last week, it’s been possible. Somehow I’ve managed to become more productive which I think has something to do with the last stage…

That last stage is taking more time out. I started taking weekends off, practicing yoga and getting to bed earlier.  I can’t tell you how much it’s refreshed and rejuvenated me.  I used to be one of those that insisted on working hard to get anywhere in life, then I realised I wasn’t going anywhere but into the ground!

My routine is not perfect and there’s still lots of changes I’d like to implement. Last week was a good example of how quick and easy it is to fall back into old habits but the important thing to remember is… ‘See progress in everything.’ I’ve been taking an online course off my blogger friend Elanor called 40 days of slow living which has been much needed. It’s helped me identify the importance of unplugging occasionally, to be quiet, appreciate life and how much fun seasonal living can be.

My recent move on to a small holding in the middle of nowhere (somewhere for me) has done wanders for my lifestyle. It’s lovely to have a garden to sprawl out in, apples and strawberries to pick and potatoes to harvest not to mention pet cows to watch me Yoga and Hula Hoop each morning (I like an audience).   I’m fascinated with the swooping and chirping House Martians making their nests, and watching Mr D settle his difference with the resident 2 year old cat Ollie.  Long walks among the crops whilst the day cools down and the rain begins to pita-pata on to the soil- it’s a nice finish to the day that has been lived.


OH August what will you bring?  This month brings ideas of proper summer and I’m mostly looking forward to a long week camping in Cornwall, surfing with West Country Surf School and getting active as I can whilst there. I’ve also heard that they do the best clotted cream and Cornish pasties – so you can imagine how excited I am?!


The thing about routine I’ve come to learn is as long as it making you smile and it feels good do it but whatever you do, don’t confuse your comfort zone with routine because that’s a different matter entirely!

What’s been great about your summer so far?


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