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One of my favourite things to do whilst on holiday in Cornwall was to wander the dramatic coastal paths as I adored the rough looking cliffs and crashing waves. I was therefore thrilled to be invited down to the 5 star bubble rated Headland Spa which is conveniently located on a cliff looking at the turquoise sea full of white waves and it’s a hop from Fistral beach and Rick Stein’s Fistral restaurant.


I love to spa because I think if you don’t look after your mind and body; it certainly won’t look after you! Besides as much as I love the outdoors also, camping, sea salt and sand have a way of leaving you sore and dried out!  There’s nothing more marvelous than getting sand free flip flops and a freshly warmed robe to snuggle in whilst our friendly and thorough therapist took us down to the room of indulgence (that’s a treatment room by the way)!

The Headland Spa in Cornwall is swish and stylish – it’s got quite a Swedish vibe with lots of wood on the walls, doors and floors.   We were having a Rasoul mud treatment which I’m a big fan of and find them all very different depending upon where you have them. Our treatment room (sorry room of indulgence) was narrow but long a bit like a corridor with a built in shower and a chamber to heat us up in later.


I was trained in this industry so I know the attention to detail they spend their time on and the Headland Spa in Cornwall certainly didn’t spare any! We unrobed and exfoliated our skin with Cornish sea-salt mixed with invigorating aromatherapy oils which was then washed off in their (party for 6) walk in shower.

After  feeling energised and clean, we were meant to cover our faces and bodies in a mineral rich mud, however our therapist had put the chamber on to heat up whilst we exfoliated and we’d forgotten to take the mud out…

When we came to put it on, it was already baking and rather hard to put on ourselves!  Think of trying to spread play dough on you. After a lot of rubbing, in places which were hard to reach, we looked as though we’d stepped out of the Nutella jar! Sitting down in the hot chamber which used colour and music therapy to chill you out, we washed our salty skin away and instead had salty dreams for half an hour or so. If you’re one of those that fall asleep rather quickly expect to be woken up to a shower, as the mud’s washed away and you step out feeling brand spanking new!


My only dislike about their treatment was that the therapist suggested not putting the mud on our hair as it dries it out. Other places I’ve been to include a hair mud mask which after surfing would have been appreciated!

After all of that sitting around, it’s time for more sitting around in their relaxation room where you can help yourself to a selection of teas and water. It’s nice in here, low lights, soft music and a big pile of magazines.  And so to wake us up, we took a dip in their beautiful pool equipped with a refreshing fountain, bubbling Jacuzzi, sauna, steam and aromatherapy showers. I loved how the pool area was lit softy (although a bit cold for my liking but common in spa pools) and the rest of the area was lit naturally with ceiling windows, it’s easy to spend a good few hours here which we did.



One thing I really liked on their website was that they were encouraging men to come and spa and so I took the lovely Rik with me to see what spa for men was really like. I think he relaxed when he saw other males in there and was soon telling me that spa days have to be a regular thing from now on. I

That my friend, is more than OK! 😉

It’s interesting to find that many men see spa as a feminine thing to do. I think gone are the days of neglected cavemen and there’s nothing wrong with looking after yourself – top athletes do it all of the time!


That said one my best friends Phil, well you can’t get him out of the spa!!!

Like I said, as much I love being an outdoors women, a spa will always be where I call home and I’m super looking forward to visiting them again next year whilst in Cornwall.

A special thank you to the Headland Spa.



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Have you been taking time to relax lately?



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