Hey everyone! As you know I’ve been working with Microsoft’s Lumia team to test out their range of Lumias over the summer starting with the 735, 640 and now the 920. It’s a phone I’ve been wanting to get my hands on for a while purely because I’ve heard the camera is spectacular and I certainly wasn’t disappointed.  As with all my reviews, I’ll tell you the good, the bad and the not so pretty details.


The first thing I noticed about the 920 is it looked a little like my iPhone 4s and by this I mean they’ve used the same metal casing around the phone which makes it feel more secure should you drop it but generally I didn’t like its design as much as I did the 735 – it felt awkward in my hand.  The screen size however is welcomed and images look lovely, it’s got a 4.5 display which is smaller than 640 only by 0.5 but I think they’ve got the screen size just right here!


I did have a load of  pictures but they’ve somehow gone from my files but a quick Google search will show you a ton!



I find the Lumia really easy to use mainly because I’m used to them now and I’m used to using windows. I find the touch screen keypad super responsive and anyone who says that they find the phones hard to use, I think is lacking a little bit of common sense but then again, common sense is rather subjective!  The Lumia 920 operates like the rest of them and it still has issues like the rest of them whereby it freezes from time to time but generally it’s not a big problem.  What I love most about all of the Lumias is that they are mini computers in the palm of your hand and for a freelancer, it’s handy (no pun intended there.)





I have to stay I’m impressed with this camera even more so than the 735 and  it’s probably because of its a higher mega pixel (8.7). The attention to detail is spectacular and you do not get that grainy feeling when you zoom in although I did find it difficult to focus the phone when taking pictures up close.   And as someone who loves macro shooting, it’s a bit of pain but with patience and technique, it works.  However with 4 x zoom, face recognition, auto and manual modes, exposure compensation and 1.2 wide angle front facing camera, it’s impressive that all of this is in a phone.

My Other Thoughts 


Don’t get me wrong I really like the 920 and I can see why people want it but for me my perfect Lumia would be the the design of the 735 combined with the screen size and the camera of the 920. It took me a while to get used to using this phone I think because I wasn’t too overly impressed with the look or feel of it.  However, it made a great companion on my travels and I preferred to take this out with me than my Nikon. I love the creative studio app on these phones and how easy it is to be able to share pictures on to your social media sites. I even used the WordPress app which is so much better than the iPhone version! I wish Instagram wasn’t in BETA mode but that’s nothing to do with the phone, more the developers (get a move on!)  One thing I will point out in every phone is they’ve all got amazing battery life which I think is one of my deciding factors when I buy any kind of technology.

I’m not too sure if Microsoft have any more for me to test but I’m hoping I get one the latest ones soon because I really do miss having a Lumia. Using my 4s is rather disappointing these days even though I wanted one for ages! It just means I’ll have to save up and switch to Lumia doesn’t it?

I’m keen to know what you think of the Microsoft Lumia Mobile Phones…


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