You can find out what I thought of the Microsoft Lumia 735 or read on if you want to know more about the Microsoft Lumia 640.

(Photos featured are unedited) 


Yay I received the Microsoft Lumia 640 in orange again (good colour) although they’ve kept it big like the 735, the shape , width and 5.0 inch screen of this phone look considerably different and I wasn’t too sure of how it felt.


I got used to it though and I will say it’s one of those phones that you’re not inclined to loose grip and drop.    It’s touch screen and has defiantly got a tablet look to it.

It comes with a charging port at the bottom, earphones port at the top and the volume and on/off button on one side.  It’s pleasing on the eye and I like the shiny casing which can be exchanged for other colours.

It looks strong and hi tech – though I noticed the back is easier to get off than the last one which is both positive and negative. No broken nails should you need to change your case but should you drop it, I don’t know how protected your battery would be.



After testing the 735, I’ve become easily accustomed to using these phones now.  The Microsoft Lumia 640 is very responsive to touch and the battery is magnificent! I really worry if I’ve forgotten my charger for my iPhone 4S but the 640 even after being at a crazy festival where I used it a lot, was still on full power by the end – It’s got a staggering 17 h and 30 min talk time on 3G!

I must admit, I loved reading blogs and looking at photos on the Microsoft 640 as it displays them beautifully with a 720 x1280 resolution.  I think this is important when you spend most of your time on screen like me.



Hmmm. I’m not too sure.  It’s got a higher megapixel than the 735 still I found that I wasn’t as happy with picture quality.  Images looked rather grainy if zoomed and altogether looked flat, still it takes a great photo.

I really like ‘Rich Capture’ which allows you to capture in difficult conditions.  I think I missed the 735 features such as the macro setting but you’re still able to control the settings like you would a professional camera so that’s good. I think I was a little unfair earlier on regarding the camera. I since took it out and got to know it probably and I like it!


I was particularly happy with the selfie camera – it’s much better quality than the 735! Oh and it’s pretty decent in low light too which I can’t say for a lot of phone  cameras.

VIDEO – 1080P@30FPS

I think the sound quality is great!! I didn’t have to shout to be heard so keep that mind if you do talk loud, you’ll come across as though you’re shouting!  I think it is very life like and for someone that’s not a video person I liked using the Microsoft Lumia 640 video. (I’m not ready to become a blogger sensation yet 😉.)



I did like the Microsoft Lumia 640 – it looks nice, it worked efficiently, it has a great games hub and for a smart phone that gives you so much it certainly has a great price tag.

Yet for me there was something missing – I think it was partly to do with the experience I’ve had with the camera but the 735 is still my favourite so far.


In my review of the 735, I said the only thing stopping me from getting one of the Lumia phones was the fact that it didn’t have a WordPress app which I practically live on! I stand corrected. I recently read a blog from a Lumia reviewer who talked about using the WordPress app, can you imagine my glee?!  It’s easy to use too and it’s just as good as the IOS version (but I still can’t figure out how to add pictures into posts…)


Technical specifications of the Microsoft Lumia 640 here

Have you used the Microsoft Lumia 640? I’d like to hear about your experiences.


I’m super looking forward to testing more Microsoft Lumia phones so I can make my final decision for when I get one – stay tuned for more.


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