* There may or may not be pictures of me baring flesh – read at your own risk!*

Summer – beach –ice cream – sun – swimming …. What other keywords can you think of?  I know … swimwear!

I’m a bit ‘iffy’ when it comes to finding swimwear to fit me. I’m not a massive fan of a one piece because well I always thought they were reserved for later on in life.  That said bikinis don’t do well with me because they pinch my sides and strings don’t offer enough support in the boobage department. In most cases I’ve been known to opt for a pair of shorts with a halter neck bikini top because I feel it flatters my hour glass shape.


I absolutely adore the retro style swimwear (which funnily enough features a lot of one pieces) but I can’t justify paying £65 to £80 for just one item!

Anyways after a recent adventure to the shops (it’s a rare occasion) I found a one piece that  I loved mainly because it had one of those skirts attached to it and it was stripy (my favourite) it got me comfortable about wearing one pieces and now I adore them!

So I was contacted by a company called Swim Curves a few weeks ago who offered to send me one of their bathing suits.  I’d seen a review off another blogger who had a lovely red and blue striped bathing suit adapted for an hour glass figure. I of course wanted this one but was sent an equally lovely one called Grace.


*Phone photographs*

Grace is a black halter neck bathing costume – perfect if you’re a little larger on top.  It has lovely purple jewels on the straps and detailing around the bust.  It’s made out of a very soft material and is silky on the skin which is a lovely feeling.

One thing I noticed about this piece is that it’s got a lot of excess material to tie the suit as loose or as tight as you want it to go. Do be careful not to tie it too tight as I’ve stretched mine a little too far and it’s began to fray (my own fault). Other swimwear I’ve tried in the past has too little so you end up strangling yourself!  Swim Curves have designed their one pieces with ‘tummy control’ and let’s face it not all of us have wash board stomachs so it’s great to be able to sit down and still feel fabulous half naked.

The fit is superb and I was quite worried that with my 36-31-41 measurements, a 12 wouldn’t fit me but Swim Curves one piece fitted really well with room to move around.  I think my favourite part of it is the cut just above the legs. My hate of one pieces came from the 80’s leotard where the leg line is so high, it borders on offensive.  These hourglass swim suits however are nicely rounded both at the front and back and really accentuates that leg and hip curve us curvy ladies got goin’ on!


The only downside for me is that the boobage department doesn’t have any under wiring or padding.  I know for ladies with larger busts, both can be annoying because it digs in or creates a heat rash. Personally, I’m not top heavy although having a broad back and shoulders I prefer that extra bit of lift that padding and wiring gives you.That’s a personal preference only and it certainly won’t stop me from wearing it as you’ve seen throughout this post.

(Sorry about that)!

Whilst I’ve not had chance to wear it at beach yet,  I did pop it on under my wet suit whilst gorge walking and it was really comfortable. The only thing I’d say is I’d like to see the jewels on the halter neck stitched on as I nearly lost them a few times when re-tying or taking the one piece off.

Swim Curves is definitely my beach essential this year and I’m looking forward to wearing it around Cornwall this summer.

What’s your summer essential?

* I was sent a gift by Swim Curves to try out one piece and these are my honest reviews.*


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