the-enchanted-wood-coed-cadw-woodland-trust-guilsfieldI’ve been saying on Twitter forever that I need my bluebell fix.  I love flowers and have always loved them but my bluebell obsession began about two years ago, when I ventured in to Candy Valley, just off of Oswestry race course.

It was a rainy day and I’d not long got my Nikon, I went in search in the damp with one hand covering my camera lens as protection. I stumbled upon a sea of blues and purples glistening in the wet, resting among a contrasting green valley. It was love at first sight. Snap! Went my camera.


This year my lust for bluebells came back even more so strong. I kept meaning to go back to the first love spot however, I was told about a magic woods that had a mass of bluebells, fairy doors and a witch stone circle.

Therefore on one bright and sunny day, I squeezed my over walked feet into my hiking boots and marched on a mission to the enchanted forest.


I certainly wasn’t disappointed!

There were rows after rows of proudly stood bluebells this time glistening in the sun.   I rambled around, not being able to take my eyes off of the surrounding scenery. I don’t think I’ve seen that many bluebells (ever in my life…) and I didn’t want to leave!


The wood is steep, it doesn’t let you rest but the fragrance flirts with you and it’s hard not to carry on. The paths twist and turn and the sound of birds singing, is paradise.

Finally I found my first magical fairy door. I oohed and ahhhed – who lived here I wondered?  I only found one but apparently they’re all over the woods if you are observant enough.  I blame the bluebells for distracting me. Perhaps they had a deal with the fairies….


On my way out of the forest, I found the stone circle that belong apparently to a witch. It surrounded a tree that stood taller than most. I liked the energy around here – it felt calm, fresh and peaceful.

Woods always make me feel creative. Did you know Science actually says that the  brain wave responsible for our creativity is stimulated in woodland environments? Perhaps there’s something in it.

I’ll be going back over the next few months to see how it changes with the seasons but I’ll sure miss those blue bells. Until next year.

Where’s your favourite place to be?


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