I’ve been a lover of tea ever since my nan used to sneak a milky version of it into my bottle when I was a toddler, despite my mum’s disapproval. Nowadays, I’m much more (or so I like to think) sophisticated with my tea choices and often drink it  without milk. I’m a green or fruit kind of girl  and since I love camping, it’s always a warm welcome in the winter months!

Wlliamson Tea

If I’m honest, these days I’m becoming more and more wary of the food and drink that  I buy, I’m trying my best to go with ethical companies and the more I’m researching about it, the more shocked I am at how unethical our everyday brands are – mentioning no names of course. If you’re wandering what I mean about ethical, I’m talking about non bleached tea bags and sourced tea leaves from people who are paid a fair wage to name just a few pointers.

Williamson Tea

As you know, I’m always open to working with ethical drink and food brands so whenWilliamson Tea got into touch with me, to ask whether I’d be interested in trying out some of their new range of teas, I was boiling up the kettle in anticipation.

What I like most about Williamson Tea is I get the impression that they’re main concern is the environment and their people. The African based family run tea company has 4 tea farms spread over the country, and they’ve been tea farmers for 140 years.


They’re ethos seems to be about giving back to its community and  environments. It’s lovely to see how they are changing traditional and unethical farming and working practices. On slightly the same note, I’m becoming more interested in permaculture and how it’s changing the farming community, it’ll be interesting to see how companies will begin to move with the times.  It’s long over due but there’s no time like the present!

Look at their tea farm, amazing locations.


Now the nights are getting colder, I’m boiling the kettle a lot more and when my beautiful elephant themed  tea caddies arrived, I was impressed at how stylish they were. I also got a camping friendly cup with the apt hashtag #keeponwandering – which is an elephants ethos and they seem to love their elephants (which is great considering they’re based in Africa!)  The slogan fits in perfectly. Oh and I got an awesome bag to put everything in so I can keep it safe whilst out and about.



What did I think of their teas? The green tea especially was my favourite but I’m biased! It’s certainly a lot different to green teas I usually drink, it’s  earthier which I like.   A tea spoon of locally sourced honey and a squeeze of lemon into a flask and it makes a perfect camping companion.  The mint garden tea was also very pleasant, I used to have a few weird digestion issues and I find mint helps so this will be a mid morning drink for me.  I’m excited to see they’ve got a large range of fruit and traditional teas including loose leaf  and stylish accessories.  Considering they’re a small business, their prices are great too and are no more than what we  pay for,  what’s considered a good quality popular branded type of tea.

Williamson Tea


They’ve not long had a website revamp and it’s great to see ethical brands expanding and  coming out trumps in the retail market. I’m not a big fan of reading ‘corporate blogs’ however they’re so involved with wildlife and community projects, they’re not corporate at all. I’m really looking forward to seeing how they can help to spread awareness of our human  contribution to the planet. Considering consumers make the demands, it’s up to us to start demanding things that help our dear planet the we live on.


Nature doesn’t need us but we sure need her.


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