One foggy Tuesday we decided to take a trip to Anglesey, I’ve only ever been to Anglesey once before on a holiday in my teens where I did a tour of Wales – little did I know, 7 years later I would end up spending most of my activity life  so far there! I remember my 17 year old self arriving at a little port with a tiny man-made beach and being the city child that I was, I didn’t appreciate how quiet and open the space was.  I don’t remember much about it, except visiting a little colourful and quaint court yard full of trinkets for the holiday makers and taking in the gentle lapping of the sea water against the shingle. It left an impression on me more so in my adult years. I wasn’t as mindful back then and knowing me, whilst I was there, it was ‘just’ another lovely little sea side village.

Anyway, back to the foggy Tuesday, we found ourselves a little lost. Don’t laugh but I didn’t actually no Menai was part of Anglesey and even though we’d crossed the suspension bridge, I hadn’t realised it was Anglesey. We drove to the zoo  (looks like there’s a coastal walk around there too), convinced there was another bridge to take us over the mystical island of Anglesey, little did we realise that was actually Conwy – which we’d just come from!

Anyway after stopping at one of the most longest station names in Wales, something twigged in my memory  – I recognised this place, I’d been here before. We decided to head back into Menai town yet instead of stopping we carried on, ending up at a little seaside village called Beaumaris. I’ve not idea why we carried on since both of us were tired from the 2 1/2 hour drive and thirsty but we did.


Memory is a wonderful thing and I cherish it dearly…. You ‘ll never guess what? Beaumaris was the lovely little seaside village that I’d arrived at way back when I was 17! Imagine my surprise and all it took was a bit of mis-direction! I later wondered if I would have ever found it again if we would have settled in Menai instead. I have a theory though – all things that are meant to be in our life, have a way of finding us eventually so perhaps it was all about timing.


Our first port of call was Beaumaris castle – I like castles but not in a history sense. I don’t romanticise something that represented war but I do appreciate the effort and thought that went into building one.  It was £5.25 entry and you have as long as you like to walk around. We gave ourselves a good hour to look around, climb the towers, take some pictures, imagine what it was like to live there and if you like history, there’s plenty to learn and plus it’s got lovely sea and land views.


Then we found ourselves hopping over the road to where the promenade was and where you can take a puffin cruise (which in the Summer we’re going to do).  I think it’s the Irish sea that surrounds Anglesey, it was calm, clear and cold and I could imagine myself doing a little kayaking around these parts in the new year.


It’s a tranquil place to be on a Tuesday afternoon as the fog begins to cover the lands and the light begins to dim.  I always find myself needing more beach time around this time, I think it’s because I get a little nostalgic about summer beach time.


Our last stop was at Pier House Bistro, greeted by a smiling and friendly waiter, we ordered jacket potatoes and sandwiches and of course hot chocolates.  This little cafe / bar is situated right on the sea front so you’ve got lovely views whilst eating and the prices are great with a good selection of food, although my jacket potatoes wasn’t as crispy as I usually have it but one mustn’t complain!

I had a good test of my new head camera too – I’ve got a long way to go to refine this skill and I’m looking for some cost-effective video software but I’m hoping to start putting videos in my posts in the new year for you so you can see what I do on a regular basis. I always say, surround yourself with beauty and your life because beautiful and mine certainly has.

I am looking forward to explore more of Anglesey, I believe the island is renowned for lots of SUP and kayaking which I’m sure you can imagine, I’m thrilled at.

What have you been up to?


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