Hey all, I’ve been a bit slack on blogging, call it the winter blues maybe?


It’s taken me a while to get used to the winter season especially since I’ve  not been doing much other than resting up. Things are a lot better with my ankle 8 weeks later on and I’ve been gracing my unused hiking boots with my feet on occasion.


Weekends for me are usually adventure time since Rik unlike me works Mon -Fri and so on one grey Saturday, we decided to take a walk along the canal from Welshpool. It’s a nice flat route and my ankle felt rather good as we took the turn off and headed on to the Montgomery canal – it’s a nature reserve around these parts, and it’s pretty even in the greyest of winter days.  We walked up to Belan locks and turned back because it was getting a little dark and we wanted to pop to our favourite outdoor centre: Coed Y Dinas.


This walk was really useful because after we get our kayaks in January, we’re going to do some canal trips. Since there’s such a fantastic range of Shropshire and Welsh canal routes, we’re spotting out some of the ones that look good to do!  A 10 mile flat walk was a pretty good start for my first one. I’m also hoping by taking up something that requires me to sit down mostly will give my ankle more time to rest.

At the time of writing this, I did a 6 mile semi hill walk (progress!) 


And of course, adventure time is always put on hold during the Christmas season. I’m not huge on the whole idea of Christmas, after all I’m not catholic but I do see it as a great time to recharge and be with those you don’t get to spend much time with usually.


That said I do partake in the whole gifting thing (I bought local) and headed up to Shrewsbury to brave the shopping floors. I always find a hot chocolate a good way to start and this year, a catch up with one of my favourite bloggers From Shrewsbury Where You Are Not.  Our conversation didn’t lend itself to festive talk but more about climbing roof tops, meeting maintenance men (ask him) and vlogging.


Yes vlogging, whilst I’m on the subject, it’s something I’m going to be doing a little of in the new year. To be honest, I’ve not given it great thought because I don’t want to put myself off. That said, I’ve been making a few videos to practice and they’re looking kind of watchable.  Next year I really want my blog to do some more local travelling and so thought the vlogging aspect will help with attracting some sponsors and what not.  It’ll certainly never replace blogging!



Talking of sponsors, how nice was it for Brecon Water to send me a (#partyseasonsos) hamper?  I think they included everything I could want for a season rescue including:  Brecon Carreg water, Snowdonia  black bomber cheese, welsh cakes, Ship’s biscuitswhich are so yummy,  eye drops and Berocca! It’s lovely to see that most of the goodies were local.  It came one Saturday when I wasn’t feeling that great and it cheered me up no end.  You can see pictures of what they sent me on my instagram account:LovingLifeinWellies


The festive season so far has involved me scoffing my way through countless mince pies , watching Elf, and I may have sung a few carols (in the shower).


I’ve been in a mad rush to get all of my client’s social media accounts and blogs all finished up and scheduled in a hope that I’ll be able to concentrate on some of my own projects, before my 12th January official start back date.

The few days over Christmas will involve most probably Marmite crumpets, my Nan coming to spend it with us (first time in 7 years) board games, baking and some hiking around Elan Valley.


I’ve no idea what to cook for the big day (maybe crumpets?), I’m not one for food drama and usually it’s an orderly occasion in my family. That said if it’s me cooking, there’s no guarantees of orderly.


I’d like to say a HUGE thank you to everyone who has worked with Loving Life in Wellies this year – you’ve all certainly helped to realise that starting this blog was the right thing to do. I can’t begin to tell you just how much I’ve learned whilst being in the outdoors and it’s only the start.


And of course, I have to say a thank you to all of my readers both old and new.  The internet is such a big place, it’s lovely to hear off of you.

Wishing you all a very merry Christmas and of course, a happy new year!

P.S. I’d love to hear about the holiday season for you.


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