It’s been somewhat of a still month. My puppy is not able to go out till she’s fully vaccinated so it mean trips away are a no go till March! Although I’m sneaking out with the Shropshire bloggers to walk around Iron Bridge (SSH). Since it’s been quiet,  I’ve been reading lots (in between chasing her around the house). Whilst she’s sleeping, I thought I’d give you a round up of some of the things I’ve been reading.

As the season are changing, I’m noticing a few animals come out of their hiding places a little early although it’s nice to see them. This post from a blog I follow documents the looking after of a not so little hedgehog called Lindy.  I love reading about animals and people being looked after.

I’ve been feeling  creative of late and I think it’s because I’ve been learning lots of new skills but also I’ve got access to a range of amazing blogs to inspire me.  A blog I read a lot of  has such a talent for story writing not to mention her photography and this posttales for fairies left me feeling like I should pick up a paint brush or something.

Like I said February has been a still month for me but it’s been like that for a few months now. Business has been tough as I’m redefining what I want, I’ve had a few friendship issues (again redefining the types of people I want in my life) and last year was SO much fun, I feel I’ve set a lot of expectations for myself to live up to. It was nice to read this post about finding time to defend fun and  see there are other people who feel similar.

As I do prepare to go wild again, I’ve been looking more and more into the leave no trace principle and I think this post on what not do in Snowdonia sums it up pretty well.

As you’ll know I wrote a post to enter a competition about wanting to go to Iceland and since I booked Cornwall in August, I thought a winter holiday would do nicely. This post on how to travel to Iceland on a budget is really cool (no pun intended)!

That’s been my essential reading list for this month – I’d love to know what you’ve been reading!

Find out what I was reading last month.


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