I wandered whether that should have read ‘change’ but decided adjustment was more fitting.

I got a dog. A 9 week old yellow Labrador named Baby Bell (her mum was called Belle) and for the last few days I’ve been running around after her constantly, falling into bed at stupid o’clock and being woken up at 5-6 am with paws and tongue in my face. I’ll admit it, the first night after she caused mayhem we all looked at each other and wandered whether we’d done the right thing.


Coming from a cat family, we’re used to having self sufficient cats who come and go as they please. You can imagine how much of an ‘adjustment’ a dog has been. FYI if you don’t have one – they’re totally different from cats. Especially when they’re puppies. They eat everything, want to go the toilet a lot, need lots and lots of cuddles and are there 24/7.

Then there’s the two cats Mr D and Whizzy who are having to get used to the new addition. They’re both too long in the tooth to be jumped on and bothered. In fact Whizzy warned Bell off with a scratch and Mr D just hisses if she gets too close. The trick is giving them all the same amount of love so neither one gets jealous.


But as Mr D lays out stretched on the ironing board and Bell is curled up on her bed, they’re both asleep (in the same room!) It reminds me that harmony can be achieved it just takes time….

I have had dogs when I was a child and coming from a parent who’s dabbled in pet sitting, she’s a bit of an animal whisperer and it’s turning out to be better than I’d expected so early on. She’s nearly toilet trained after 4 days of having her and she’s calm and good in a car.  She’s a bundle of love, joy and everything smells and tastes good to her but most of all, she’s got no fear of anything even the local tractor and my hoover.


And as much as it is an adjustment to me, it is for her also.

Yes, I’ve been adjusting to this lifestyle choice, wandering whether it was a right one. But actually at 6 am this morning when I watched her jump through the frozen grass and pay close attention to the giant ball of golden blaze in the sky, I knew it was the right adjustment.  I may have been wishing for my warm bed and realised how lazy I’ve become over the winter season…


My foot has definitely not helped but perhaps the time off has done me some good because it’s nearly healed.  With the daffodils, snow drops and crocuses coming out of their hiding places, sunnier mornings, later evenings and chirping birds, it reminds me that life is all about those tiny but important adjustment. The seasons know all too well about having to adjust and change year after year.


We have lots planned for Baby Bell’s adventures which I’m so looking forward to telling you about and we’ve just booked our first summer holiday in Cornwall. I’d like to take her back to the place that part stole my heart last year. Sadly the cats have to stay at home but I’m sure they’ll appreciate the alone time to primp and clean themselves without having to keep an eye out!


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