One mildly cold Saturday, equipped with walking boots, gloves and hats we met up with some of the Shropshire Bloggers in Ironbridge to walk 3.2 miles around the gorge.  As we’ve both got a bit of cabin fever, since the pup can’t go out yet, this date with the local eyes and ears of the Shropshire area has been eagerly awaited!

The Shropshire Bloggers
Taken by a man who was kind enough to stop and click for us. Right to left – Ella, me, Rik, Tom, Stephen, not too sure of the other girl’s name (sorry), and Gemma.

It was lovely to meet some new people although Stephen and Ella, I’ve talked to for quite a while online, still you can’t beat face-to-face interaction.

Iron Bridge

Ironbridge was a quaint destination for an easy stroll.  It reminds me of Betws-Y-Coed combined with Shrewsbury in a way that the river is a focal point. It’s got the River Severn running through it which most of the time we walked along side.  It’s rich in industrial heritage with many converted factories, bridges, museums and old and wonky cottages. It’s a great place to visit if you love architecture and find  history fascinating as there are plenty of opportunities to find out more and to take photographs!

Black and white


Whilst I’m not a huge lover of all of those things, I do appreciate them and I loved the amount of bridges that linked the  two sides of the river together – I couldn’t stop thinking about what it would be like to kayak those somewhat high and choppy waters! Fun I can imagine…

Calm waters here…

My favourite parts included finding a little bench filled with flowers and a sign to say they were collecting for charity.  As well as a corner house and its garden piled high with wood, disused bee hives, rotting oranges hanging from a tree and a sign to say they did tattoos and pedicures!


Another was these train tracks – they look pretty average right? But actually just under the bridge, they stop and lead into the canal. It’s strange to look at now but practical back in the day as the canal was used as a form of transportation from the factories.


We finished our walk with a bite to eat at a pub called The Swan Taphouse – their halloumi, portobello mushroom, onion ring burgers with sweet potato chips were a real treat!

V Burger.jpg

Whilst it’s not the type of terrain I’d ditch my weekend in the hills and mountains for, it was a soothing way to end February and a great way to get offline and meet some new people.  Because at times, blogging can be lonely  for some and in this day and age where we rely on technology so much, it’s good to just enjoy the fruits of nature with some like minded beings.

Siri doesn’t count…

I’m looking forward to the next meet up!


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