Lifestyle: Unplanned Time Off

Hey all! First off you may have noticed my domain name has slightly changed and that’s because a month ago or so, I locked myself out of my blog and couldn’t get back in. After much heartache and a few tantrums, I started up a new blog (copied and pasted everything) and entered into winding road of blogger’s block. 

Loving Life in Wellies Blog - Bala

Anyway, I’m still alive! Lots has happened here like getting my new kayak, watching my puppy grow up (she’s 4 months old now)  and looking for somewhere new to live. I’m planning on jumping over from the Shropshire borders to the Welsh borders and I’ve only a few weeks left till my tenancy is up so it’s a bit of a mad rush here!

Loving Life in Wellies Blog - Rodney's Pillar

Spring is very much in flow and today I’ve been sniffing out some wild garlic whilst I take in the views of Rodney’s Pillar.  With a few nice days, it’s been nice to hop on to the bike and head back up to Coed Y Brenin as well as Kayaking along the Montgomery canal.

Kayaking - Loving Life in Wellies Blog

I’ve a few ‘days out’ kind of posts to put up this week and the plan is to get my new blog back on track!!!

Next weekend I’ve got a paddle boarding and a mountain biking session. Speaking of MB there’s a new website out which maps all of the Welsh MB routes which is pretty nifty!

Anyhow, I’d love to hear what you’ve been up to.