Kayaking: Montgomery Canal

Since we’ve got the kayaks, we’ve been exploring the Montgomery Canal also known as ‘The Monty.’ We start just after Burgedin Bottom Lock, where the Canal and River Trust offices are located.  There’s a picnic area around here and a few places to park but I’m guessing you’re not allowed to leave you car over night.

Montgomery Canal

The route we take, leads to Abermule and I think that’s about 14 miles in total (going there.) The Montgomery canal has and is still going through some restoration which is lovely to see, because it’s such a pleasant route to take and the scenery is just stunning.  There’s a few nature reserves too with picnic benches but be warned, it’s not easy getting in and out on the nettle covered banks…. It would be nice to see some places specifically made for stops!

Montgomery Canal, Kayaking

Last time, we started off from Burgedin Top Locks and headed into Ardaleen, it was a nice run but we didn’t get to complete it all because of a  stalking swan (we’ve had issues with them in the past and I’m sure they’ve told the rest of the swan pack)!

Kayaking on the Montgomery Canal

Using my trusty Dry Bag from Dry U.

Today, we took the 4 month old Labrador for her second kayaking trip and I had her on my knee this time.  She’s more comfortable with Rik and it showed as she jumped in the canal to catch up with him, only realising it was a little deeper than the brook she plays in. I nearly got pulled in with her but my trusty sea kayak certainly doesn’t sink!  We’re trying to work out if we can create some form of foam seat, to put in nose of the kayak, to make sitting for her much more comfortable.

Kayaking on the Montgomery Canal

With one wet and shaking puppy, we couldn’t go too far so we only did 3 miles or so but still, blessed with beautiful weather, spectacular scenery and some hot chocolate, I couldn’t have asked for much more!

Kayaking on the Montgomery Canal

We’ve plans to try out the  Waen Wen , Pant to Llanymynech and I’d like to have a go at the Llangollen canal too since paddle boarding on it was amazing, I’d like lazily drift down it on a hot summer’s day!

More routes to come…





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