Day 1: Identify a Wild Flower #30DaysWild


I’m taking part in The Wildlife Trust’s 30 Day Wild Challenge. It’s to encourage us all to get a little more nature friendly. I’ve signed up as a blogger supporting the cause but you certainly don’t have to be a blogger to get involved! Download your brochure which is full of prompts to inspire you to take part in the challenge.



I love my prompt pack, it’s full of ideas, some super simple and so for my first day I’ve chose to identify a wild flower.  I’m in the middle of moving today, to North Wales ) but where I am, I have enough room to create a small wild  meadow and so this has inspired my first day of 30 Days Wild.

The National WildLife Trust: 30 Days Wils
Baby Bell doing what she does best!

Today’s wild flower is a buttercup discovered in one of the fields where we take our Labrador puppy for a walk. Unlike most flowers, she didn’t bother to eat it!  Which is a good thing as some can be poisonous!!!  I love the colour of Buttercups and I’m reminded of that old wives’ tale! You know, where if you put a buttercup under your chin and it reflects yellow, then you like butter?  And I love butter!

The Wild Life's Trust 30 Days Wild


There’s nearly 2000 species of  Buttercups and they’re mostly yellow (sometimes white) with shiny reflective petals.  With over 2000 species, they mostly live in the northern hemisphere and inhabit in fields, meadows, woodland, swamps and bogs.  I’ve identified these  as meadow Buttercups with the help of The Wildlife Trust .

I’d love to know what wild flowers you’ve found lately and remember to check out the 30 Days Wild Challenge.

We all need nature in our life to not only survive but thrive!

Join me tomorrow for day 2.




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  1. shazza says:

    I took part last year and really enjoyed it.Having a dog too (a labrador called Hugo) I get out and about in the fields and country lanes most days and see lots of flowers.Some I have seen recently include Yellow flag iris,wild garlic and bugles.:)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh lovely, well done. Are you doing it this year? Aww what a lovely name!!! That’s good, yes me too, it’s important to do so. Mmm yummy, I love wild garlic in salads. I’ve never heard of a bugles, I’ll look that up! x


      1. shazza says:

        No not this year though I am still appreciating nature every day.Having a dog as you know,gets you out and about every day.Bugles are blue flowers a little like Selfheals and speedwells,appear in april and may.

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      2. Oh yes I think I know the ones you mean – they’re beautiful! Dogs are certainly great for getting you out and about.


  2. treksandtors says:

    Being away in Snowdonia I’ve missed this!! Seen plenty of Foxgloves starting to sprout today on Dartmoor though, the bluebells are almost gone although the gorse has taken on a lovely yellow flower now

    Liked by 1 person

    1. HELLO! I love Foxgloves although I’ve been told they’re poisonous to animals and an irritant to us. Ah I wonder if that’s Yellow Rattle you’re referring too? I LOVE bluebells, didn’t get to see as many this year though.

      Liked by 1 person

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