Day 2: Look up at The Clouds #30DaysWild

Today’s challenge for the 30 Days Wild from the Wildlife Trust is cloud watching!  I realised I don’t do this enough.  I especially love cloud watching in the late afternoon when the sun’s not as bright and the grass has been warmed from the day’s sun.  Laying back without a care in the world watching the white fluffy balls of what looks like cotton wool, floating on a sea of blue.

30 Days Wild

I’ve moved house recently, somewhere so beautiful and idyllic, somewhere that boasts the most amazing blue skies especially on a sunny day and I’m truly grateful. But what I like most about the sky, whether it’s blue or not, it’s always there for you to admire, you only have to look up!

30 Days Wild


Join me for day 4  of 30 Days Wild tomorrow.