Day 4: Meditate in the Wild #30DaysWild


I’m taking part in the 30 Days Wild Challenge – join me now?!

When I first changed my lifestyle from a fast paced girl to a slower living kind of country bumpkin, meditation was one of the first things I become interested in. I come from quite an enlightened mum, who’s always taught me the benefits of quietening the mind.  True mediators can switch off no matter where they are and they don’t need to be in the wild to find inner peace.

I’m not at that stage just yet and I think it’s going to be a while off so I use the medium of nature to coax me into a relaxed mental state. And since I live among massive amounts of wildness, it’s something I have lots of opportunities to do so.

30 Days Wild

I love meditating where there is water or bird songs – it acts like a candle does, it helps me to focus on my inner self.  Though I still debate to myself whether it’s mindfulness I’m practising rather than meditation but they both have similar goals.

Last year, I got got to do yoga and meditation on a beech whilst the sun set – it was just perfect and it’s really left a high bar now for my other meditation surroundings. I’m back again there this year so hopefully my Zen will be chilling on the sand…

Until then, I’ve plenty of spots at home in my gardens and I’m thinking of adding some wind chimes to really set the scene!

30 days wild

I certainly need a  meditation session today – I’ve had a chalk paint fuelled few days and I’d really appreciate the fresh air!

Where do you meditate best?

Day 4’s 30 Days Wild Challenge is all about switching off technology for the day, so I’ll see you Sunday.




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