Day 5: Take Your Camera For a Walk #30DaysWild

I’m a little late in posting today but I’ve been out doing the garden and exploring a nearby mountain biking track which was in parts, scary but boasted the most scenic views and very large inclines.


Today has been certainly sweltering but after a rest and a cheese sarnie, I decided to take my camera for a walk. I love, love taking pictures. This blog would be nothing without showing you what I see through my eyes on a daily basis, not that I’m saying I’m able to do it justice but just to give you an idea.



I love taking pictures out in the wild because it allows me to drink in the beauty in much detail rather than saying ‘oh yes, enough nice scenery’ and not really appreciating it.  Whilst I don’t have a macro lens (I’d really, love one) I do like taking macro pictures because for me, details do it for me.

Remember there’s still time to get involved in the 30 Days Wild – use my posts as prompts or download there pack of wild ideas.




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