Day 6: Spot a Wild Creative #30DaysWild

Today’s 30 Day Wild challenge is totally a fluke! I’m in my local library of Oswestry, hot-desking, and on a walk through to find a quiet space, there’s a man painting something that looks very wild!

I took the chance to pay closer attention to see Malcolm Jone’s  art is inspired by the dramatic landscapes of North Wales – coincidence since I’ve moved there recently?! Probably. But I couldn’t resist finding out a little more about him. Since one of the 30 Days Wild Challenge I’m taking on, is painting a landscape, I took the opportunity to ask him some tips and he’s given me a great exercise to help me complete my landscape challenge in the coming month.  Originally a graphic designer, creating small logos and such things, Malcolm went back after 25 years to get his Fine Art degree and said it was a challenge going from small logos to large canvas.

Malcolm Jones Artist


Malcolm kindly gave me on of his ‘rough’ drafts ( If only my final paintings looked like his drafts…) which will only inspire me further.

He’s in Oswestry Library,  till the end of this week, actually painting in the middle of the library and his art will be there till the end of the month.

Have you met any wild creatives today?



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