Day 7: Chase a sunset #30DaysWild

Wow Day 7 of the 30 Days Wild challenge and I’m having so much fun! Are you?

A few nights ago, I spotted a glow of  golden peeping out from the hills and I just had to chase it for a photograph! I encouraged Nan to come along with me since she likes to stay active but since she doesn’t walk as fast as me (and the baby cows distracted us) I just missed it, instead the land was left with a golden sky which was just as equally beautifully.


Last night at 8.45pm I caught a glimpse of the orange mystery again and so we jumped in the car and rushed up to the top of the hill. I could see its glint in the distance and got my camera ready. Unfortunately the forest at the top had engulfed it and so I could only see its shimmer sticking out of the trees.


Still it left its usual magical glow on the land and as the animals settled in for the evening  so did we.


I will capture that sun soon, if only briefly….






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