Day 8: Hug a Tree #30DaysWild


This should have gone out yesterday but the garden distracted me!

Are you getting involved in 30 Days Wild?

I’ve always been surrounded by people who love trees.  My mum and nan especially, encouraged me from a young age to hug trees but as I reached my teenage years, felt uncomfortable with the idea.


That all changed in my early adult years during a meditation retreat in Oxford which had the most striking of trees. As part of the program, we were assigned a tree that matched our room name. I got a Californian Redwood with a plaque that said tolerance. It said a lot about me at the time. I was fascinated by this tree because of its presence. It just didn’t see bothered by anything around it.

A few years later, I moved over to the countryside and what should I find in a nearby woodland?  A set of Redwoods. I took it as a sign or something and gave it a huge hug and I have done so with other trees ever since.

This morning, I went out into my new garden to say hello to my new trees. My whole front, back and side garden is full of silver birch, ferns, spruce, oak, nut, cherry, plums, apples  and a few others I’m not too sure of what they are.

My gardens are full of fresh, clean oxygen and I’ve an abundance of nesting birds  and insects because of them. If you listen carefully with your ear to the bark, you can hear all of the mini ecosystems going about their daily business.

After a wander around, I put my camera down and gave one of the trees a hug followed by a deep breath and it felt SO good!
It’s something I’ll have to do a lot more of now…

Go and hug a tree?


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