Day 10: Random Acts of Wildness #30DaysWild

Well it’s a wet and a grey day here but still warm and I’ve been dismantling an old wooden fence and sweeping up some of yesterday’s clearing. This week, I went looking around the garden to see what insects and things I could see, it was nice to break the gardening up a little.

And what did I go and find…. A partridge nest, no, not sitting in a pear tree but instead tucked away in some trees and bushes. Since I’ve a cat and a puppy who run around my garden trying to eat everything in sight, I’ve done my best to conceal  the nest with grass and cut flowers to keep those little chicks safe.


After I took the photo of course! Mummy and Daddy partridge live just over the field and come back each night to check on them.

They make such a curious noise….

What’s your random act of wildness today?




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