Day 12: Read a Wild Book #30DaysWild

The good thing about having friends and family who are interested in all things wild is they have a lot of books! Since one of the 30 Days Wild prompts encourages me to read a wild book, I thought one about trees seemed pretty apt considering I’ve a mini woodland going on in the gardens!

Rik’s mum passed this on to me yesterday whilst admiring her beautiful garden and her new addition, the garden swing, her sons bought for her birthday.

Pic 1

And of course you read my other post about hugging trees right? So it makes sense to find out about the different species I have.

Book 2
I’ve been able to identify Norway Spruce, Oak, Lilac, a Weeping Rowan, and a Horse Chestnut so far with the help of this book.

Book 3
I’m having fun learning and yes I want to be one of those somewhat annoying or (informative) people who can say ah yes that’s a….

It’s a wet day so no gardening, instead a few friends are coming to visit and I’ll sneak a green tea and a book session between.  As well as many books to read, I’ve a  HUGE collection of gardening magazines donated to me by friends and family.  But I’m sure I’ll find plenty of scenic views to admire whilst learning new things.

Book 4

So, go on, grab a wild book and learn something new today.

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