Day 15: Grow your own #30DaysWild

It’s been a wet few days in the garden so apart from some sweeping up and a bit of nettle clearing before the rain gets me, I’ve been stuck inside with my head buried in gardening magazines and in particular the growing section.

I’ve always wanted to grow my own food especially over the last few years as I’ve found out a lot more about where food comes from and how it’s produced and it doesn’t sit right with me. I’d love to become self sufficient and since I’m veggie anyway, it’s easier (hopefully!)


Recently, I’ve become interested in permaculture and I’m fascinated with the principles and often ask myself why it’s not mainstream?  That said, it makes me chuckle when I’ve mentioned permaculture to gardeners and they look me in bewilderment because they’ve been doing it for years, and it’s not a big deal to them.

Well for  a has been city girl, it is!

Since moving to my new place, we’ve made friends with the local maintenance man who can fix, grow and do just about anything.  I’d only been in a few days and he brought me up a whole range of seeds (he just had lying around) as well as some trays, hanging baskets and HUGE pile of Gardner’s World magazines.

I’d like to attempt tomatoes too…. 

So now I have:

Beetroot (3 different types)

Mixed salad leaves

Carrots (I got myself)



Broad beans

And a few herbs , a big bag of compost and access to lots of manure.

I’m going to start indoors and then put them in the poly-tunnel (when I get one) as well as looking at making some raised beds too.   I’ve got a long way to go but I’m really excited! I plan to be organic but I need to look into this and make sure I’m doing it right.

It’s all a learning curve right?

Some links for you that I’ve been finding super useful:

Permaculture Magazine 

Permaculture Org

Sharing Memories…

I had a conversation with my nan the other day, she’s a keen gardener with a ‘let it grow wild’ approach. She’s tried to grow a few things only to have been defeated by ‘pests.’ I think she’s more passionate about flowers between me and you. She told me about her memories of growing up during the 50’s, when her mum and dad used to spend a considerable amount of time in their garden growing things. Although she can’t remember what they grew, she remembered the neighbours ‘taking a liking’ to their produce, never to be seen again!

She does has fond memories of her dad growing tomatoes plants in the kitchen windows and being treated to those sweet and healthy delights.

I’d love to know your tips for growing your own please!