Day 17: Growing a Wild Garden #30DaysWild

The original owners of where I’m now living seemed to have loved their garden and wildlife or at least I’d assume they did with the abundance of trees, herbs, bird houses, fruit and wild flowers growing.

The previous tenants sadly didn’t seem to have shared the love and forgot about it entirely and let it to over grow.

Nature did what it did best when left alone,  flourished. When I first came to view this place, the mass of lilac shrubs over spilling on to the path, along with the honey suckle restricting views, and the mass of Norway Spruce which had shed its cones everywhere, did not put me off!

Instead I fell in love with the vast greenery, the bird song, the chorus of bees, the space, the variations of roses and the general wild look to it.


I think we all have a bit of wild in us which we should embrace.

Nonetheless, we still want to give it a tidy up and make it easier for us and our guests to see and enjoy the beauty that we call our garden. So there has been lots of weeding and pruning going on as well as making a list of what we’re going to keep and what we’re going to curb back on.

Rik likes to work on a little space at a time and I’m more fluttery with my decisions. I work on different spaces when I get a new idea or bored. One thing is for sure, we all love nature and watching it flourish so we’re going to keep it as wild as we can.


The section we’ve started to manicure has lots of rose bushes growing, so we’ve added some crazy paving from slabs which were left around the garden in to this section. We’ve also added a little pond (a solar powered fountain to be added and some water lilies soon) and we’re going to surround it with the Welsh slate which again, was left around the garden.

We are covering the surrounding area in wood chippings and a few solar powered lights. The bench and the trellis where the Honeysuckle hangs out, is going to be stained an oriental colour.


We have a lovely patio here so we thought we’d start on this part since it’s a feature. Next to it, is lots of trees which one spectacular currently a yellow ( laburnum tree) which the bees love! Here the Partridge eggs lay, so we’re sectioning that off with a small bamboo fence and working around it.

Nothing is set in stone just yet for this small section but we know we’re going to have a wind chime in the tree and some plant pots and statues.


One section we’re undecided about – originally it was full of nettles and I’ve spent days clearing them. It had a broken fence which was a pain to get out but nothing a good kick couldn’t sort out!


In that area though, we’ve found a rather small pond thanks to Bell having an afternoon drink! We’re quite stumped with this area because the grounds is very bumpy and full of weeds etc but no matter what we do, the pond is staying there as it’s a hit with the insects.

As for the back, since it used to be a field – the grass has GROWN! We’re letting it continue for now because it’s nice to watch rabbits dart and butterflies flutter through it. It’ll most probably get a mow in the next few months though.  However, the woodland at the back is staying the way it is. Perhaps we’ll strim a path around it so we can go for a walk one lovely evening. There are plans for creative touches such as fairy lights, fairy doors and a few wild flower seeds to be scattered here.


But the point of this garden is to let it live how it wants to (with a few exceptions). Humans, have an awful habit of controlling and pruning everything but actually, nature knows how it wants to grow – she knows best. I’m certainly no Alan Titchmarsh and this is the first garden I’ve taken on – I’m just going to do what feels natural.

Do you grow a wild garden?

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