Day 25 Eating Wild #30DaysWild

Well it’s been a sunny Saturday in North Wales and we’ve been using it to our advantage to paint the fences, summer house and benches.  Sadly not in the lovely blue colour because it was voted ‘too much’ among the rest of the household…. Anyhow, during a break, one of the neighbours popped around with bags and bags of freshly picked herbs growing in the nearby farms.

Herbs included; Mint, Chives, Thyme, Parsley,  Rosemary and Fennel. I love herbs and use them a lot in my vegetarian cooking to add extra flavour and nutrients. I’m planning on growing my own but haven’t got around to it as I’ve been planting my other vegetables! I’m not too sure if I can class these as wild but in my defence – they’re in fields not anyone’s garden!


I’m really interested in foraging and in April, went a bit mad with the wild Garlic and nettles etc. It’s something I’m learning more about albeit still confused on the mushroom side of things – I’m not that brave (yet).  I follow a friend on FB who amazes me the amount of wild things she finds to eat and it makes me think, WHY IS THIS NOT PART OF OUR EDUCATION?!


So today, I took to the kitchen to wash, chop and freeze all of my given freshly picked herbs.  I’ve heard it’s better to dry them if you’re going to use them regularly because opening and closing freezer bags only lets out the flavour.


I’ll  be getting my head in those cookery books to learn more about things I can use them with that’s for sure!

P.S No herbs were stolen in the process!!!




One thought on “Day 25 Eating Wild #30DaysWild

  1. Have to be honest I’m pretty poor at this, mushrooms err no thanks, too risky!! I have picked a fair bit of fruit in the past, the obvious blackberry and wild raspberries are amazing. Bilberries (bit like a blueberry) come along on Dartmoor in September so i’ll be out with a box to get some of those. I have eaten those weird green leaves that look like a bellybutton at the side of the road (saw it on a programme), called Navelwort, good in salads! I should take more advantage of the sea though being in Plymouth


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