Lifestyle : Settling in & Preparing for Adventure

Hey all!

So I’ve officially been in my new place for just over a month now and all is going wonderful. The garden is coming to life, little things really make a difference, such as cutting the grass, pruning the roses and training the ivy.  I’ve my head in every addition of Gardener’s World I can get my hands on, sucking up information like a sponge.  My salads and carrots are coming along but I’m not too sure of my beetroot – so I’m having to do extra research for them. Let’s put it this way, my dream of feeding the five thousand is not going to happen anytime soon but it’s a start.

Although when  I took a break from this post to go and water the tomatoes, I’m pleased to say, I can see one growing. The chilli plants are in abundance too, I must get some potatoes on the go.  I did bit of cherry picking too which was therapeutic, you’ve to be quick or the resident birds get to them first. I’ve left the ones right a top of the tree for them as there’s no point in me trying to reach for something a  foot bigger than me (I’ve not heard of a ladder…)  We’ve got about 5 or 6 plum trees in the garden too of all different varieties and they won’t be ready till September (ish) time but I’m certainly watching them grow with interest. I’ve always been closely connected to my food and knew exactly where things come from (not like my friend’s children who though carrots grew on a tree…) but since attempting to grow my own, I see just how precious our resources are.



Last night, we began to break up some Welsh slate that was already left in the garden and used to form the foundations of a fence. I found it whilst knocking that fence down and thought it would be good to reuse it.  And the project I’ve used it on is around the pond, to build on top of the rocks – to make it look more attractive.  The pond needs a little more TLC and it was an instant anti climax for us all once we put the solar powered fountain in. Apparently ‘put in direct sunlight’ means exactly what it says and our pond is not blessed with this natural resource. My cat has also took it upon himself to use my little pond as a place to push half bitten mice in (for later eating) What I thought was a huge ass mouldy leaf was actually a little mouse  -wrong time, wrong place. Damn you Mr D!  Still, I’m going to rescue the whole vibe with some pond lilies and a rockery.

We’ve got a shed loads of old bricks lying around too, so Rik decided to make a temporary fire pit to keep us warm whilst we clear up in the evening, I really like it and want to keep it!  We also got a load of old fence posts dropped off by the handy man on a just in case basis and so we’ve decided to make a chair or two to match the garden bench. I say we but it’s Rik, he’s the one with those sort of skills – I’m more of the ‘make it look colourful’ fix it girl and paints everything in blue – I don’t, honest, it’s just become the joke in the household.


Local bricks!



With all of the house antics, I feel as though I’ve missed out on the start of the summer outdoor antics and feel some major catching up is needed.   I’ve done a bit of biking, hoping to record it on the head camera but forgetting to press the record button oops! I have been checking out the Berwyn Range online as I’m only up the road from it and last Friday, we had pizza with a view – over looking parts of them, watching the sun set on top of  the summits.  I’ve found this awesome site with a shed load of information about the Berwyns, if you’re interested?


I’m also just about to book a few days camping at Shell Island for August, it’ll be Baby Bel’s first holiday. We originally planned Cornwall again after such an amazing summer last year but a few things got in the way plus we thought a long car ride for a puppy wasn’t a good idea as of yet.  Shell island it is – plus the sea kayaks are coming with us too! It’ll be my first time trying sea kayaking and Barmouth’s patch of sea is quiet plus the marina too is rather relaxing.

I’ve also been having a few more thoughts on my career in the outdoors and around September time, I’m travelling to Plas Y Brenin to do their accredited hill skills walking course. It’s the first step of training to be a hill and moorland leader. I’m super excited. I’ve spent most of this year researching the many, many different ways of training and I’ve FINALLY found a logical and somewhat easy way. That’s not to say training is going to be easy. I certainly need to work on my fitness again but living around here, that’s certainly not a problem.

North Wales

As busy as it gets around here, I’m still taking the time to enjoy the various scenery that surrounds my home and drink in the beauty – living the dream! 🙂


What have you been doing?






4 thoughts on “Lifestyle : Settling in & Preparing for Adventure

  1. Love this post everything is gathering pace, the garden sounds like hard work but it’ll be worth it. The veggie patch will get better, plus you’ll learn what works in your soil and what doesn’t. You can get a test kit to see if its alkaline or acidic which will help you choose you plants.

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