Lifestyle: Hello September, already?!


I write this post  (for the first time in a little while) in a warm dining room with a full belly. It’s been a chilly start to September so it makes sense to chuck a few logs on the open fire (no chestnuts just yet). I’ve had a lovely Italian dish this evening – we got some fresh produce from the continental markets which visited Oswestry recently.

Today’s been fun – we’ve been climbing plum trees ( I say we – Rik) to pick some for my jam. We’ve got 5 plum trees in total with 3 different colour varieties and some are ready now and others won’t be till the end of September or even early October. I can’t take credit for these magnificent fruit trees as they have been here a lot longer than me but I feel so blessed to inherit their fruits.

I made jam today – a LOT of it!


I know all too well how challenging ‘growing your own’ can be. Granted I’ve only just lightly dabbled into growing your own and I’m sure I’ll face some further challenges along the way. I’m glad to say that my tomato plants are doing wonderful, one is nearly ready to eat! I have brought them inside tonight to feel the warm of the open fire and it’ll help them to ripen quicker.

My mixed salads are going strong – I’ve had countless of side salads and I shall miss them when they’re gone in October. It’s encouraged me to grow things like Swiss Chard, spinach and kale. The peas are shooting up and the baby carrots are now sitting under a car port to avoid the harsh winds. It wasn’t always a happy start for the baby carrots, their home was waterlogged as someone (Rik) forgot to put drainage holes in the pallet beds! The cooking apples will be ready in a few weeks too just in time for apple pie and sauces.

There’s something so satisfying about growing your own – all of that time, attention and love makes it even more fulfilling when you have your first bite! I’m looking forward to dabbling a little more I just need to sort out a big enough space.

Today in parts, has been rainy and windy, so what better way than to spend the afternoon baking – I’ve a thing for cheese scones lately! As Rik’s legs hung out the bathroom window, trying to reach for the high top plums, I was suddenly inspired to blog. I confess, I’ve not been blogging as much as I normally do. I’ve been set on getting settled in and there’s been so much to do, especially in the garden. I’ve been painting fences, laying stones, picking never ending weeds, planning and designing. I’m glad to say I finally mastered the sit on lawn mower (with gears!) but my straight lines leave a lot to be desired – it looks like I’ve had a few fizzy oranges.


And when I have had some down time, we’ve been exploring our local walks. I’ve been getting to know the surrounding areas of the Berwyn Mountains and Llangollen with the bouncing puppy. Here I love to eat locally made fudge and slurp ice cream whilst sitting by the River Dee, watching the white water rafters battle the currents. We even got an afternoon at a local spa and I took a camping holiday (another posts coming soon).
It was simply delightful.

Shell Island
The pup is growing up – she’s nearly 9 months. Such a brave, independent soul who’ll eat ANYTHING! It’s been testing at times trying to train her. I’ve heard Labradors are incredibly hard to train but when you do – you’ve a soul mate for life and she’s certainly turning in to a star pup! The past 9 months have been more about poop bags, carrying extra water and sticking to food times rather than outdoor crazy fun like last year.

That said, I took her on her first proper hike (14 miles) and she was a little trooper. She bounces up those hills like Tigger!

We’ll get there…

I suppose one of the biggest achievements for me over the past few months is I got my own form of transport – a scooter with only 419 miles on the clock! It’s a big deal for me because I have been putting off driving / riding for years.  Living so remote and taking on a few projects that require me to get out and about meant it was a necessity. I have my training soon so I’ll let you know how I get on!


September is always an in-between month for me. The calm before the storm. I’m booked back to back with burlesque classes in Oct and a potential new contract starts which requires me to travel and work in house one day a week and not to mention, I turn 26!

Now I’m not going to spin you that line of “gosh, how time flies…” ( I just did!) but I am glad to be welcoming 26 in safe, secure and beautiful surroundings with people who mean the world to me. It’s been a challenging few moths of late ( I won’t bore you with the d-tails) but it’s been a true test of mental strength and I thank the outdoors a great amount for helping me to develop resilience.


New hammock swing!

Talking of the outdoors, I’m on a mission to surround myself with awesome outdoor females so I’ve been pretty active in groups, trying to round us all up. I’ve got some many adventures planned for next year, it’ll be nice to do it with like minded people. The moral of the story is surround yourself with like minded people as you become who you associate with the most. Think on it.

I’d love to hear what you’ve been up to over the past few months, I’ll be catching up on your blogs anyway over the next few weeks!

Bye for now….



3 thoughts on “Lifestyle: Hello September, already?!

  1. Nice to read your blog again Chelsea, I’ve seen bits on facebook but the blog puts it all together nicely. Sit on mower and a scooter!!! There’s no stopping you now!! And I’m jealous of the hammock swing!! As for me, lots of walking, a week in the Lake District over the summer and already planning for next year although I’ve got the Lakes again at the end of October first.

    Liked by 1 person

      • Not sure yet, I’m looking at Scotland, maybe Inverness possibly for a week and do some exploring. Although I want to do Snowdonia again, too many places and not enough time or cash!! Plenty of time to make a decision though


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