Llangollen: Elegance Spa



I’ve had plans to take a trip to the Elegance Spa, Llangollen. Recently, the local papers told most of North Wales about the closure of the Wild Pheasant Hotel (which is next door to the spa). Sadly whoever wrote the article (needs to go back to Journalism school) forgot to mention right at the top, the Elegance Spa in Llangollen is a separate business and still very much open! Speaking to the owners, it’s had quite a great impact on them with the hotel closing and the paper’s misinformed reporting yet they’ve been touched by how supportive the local community has been. Hearing stories like this, fuels my passion for small businesses further and turns my nose up against corporations even further!

Anyhow – it’s a £10 entrance fee or around £18.25 members fee (which I’m so taking advantage of as soon as I past my CBT).  They’ve some current spa special offers too.

The Hydrotherapy- Pool at The Elegance Spa, Llangollen

Hearing the words hydrotherapy pool fills me with joy especially since I’m an avid outdoors-woman who has a few old injuries that at times weight me down. My newest addition is the ankle which I did last year and although it’s getting back to better health, a hydrotherapy pool is much appreciated.

The Elegance Spa in Llangollen

Read about the health benefits of a Hydrotherapy pool. 

The spa owners bought the pool off the hotel and are now responsible for the up keep of it. I get the feeling, they’re positive about this as they can ensure the cleanliness is up to their standards rather than having to rely on a hotel which went into administration for health and safety reasons.

This pool is not meant for swimming although you can take a few gentle strokes through the middle. It boasts a multitude of different jets. All designed to fix some part of your body. One of my favourites is these taps…. (I’m sure there’s a technical name for them.)


The Aesthetics 

The spa is located in what I can only describe as a glass house with tinted windows. Located behind a few trees on the main road of Llangollen, the green house structure makes the environment uber warm, quiet and boast beautiful views of blue skies, starry nights and lately  rainstorms.

I love floating in the pool and looking up as the clouds wander past.

Equipped with towels, relaxed seating areas and complimentary refreshments – it’s nice to lounge around (there’s even WIFI for a cheeky selfie)



I was impressed with the changing rooms. I  love the fact they’ve got quality hair dryers, body washes and a nice vanity area to get ready.   They’re extremely clean too.  Not a stray hair in sight! I’d actually been just after they’d cleaned so the floor was wet and my shoes left mud on the floor (sorry) but what I did love was when I’d gone back to get changed, it had gone.



Sauna & Steam room

Pretty standard for a spa. These are a good size and are a lovely temperature. I can imagine in the winter, I’ll appreciate this a whole lot more.

I did have a picture but Rik doesn’t want me to show you his Baywatch pose!

Men who Spa

Talking of Rik, I’ve totally convinced him to spa since our trip to the Headland Hotel & Spa in Cornwall on a PR trip. He’s like putty in my hands now and would never deny me of a spa day (he’s converted)  I think more people should spa (The Romans knew it made sense!) but in particular men. It’s not a girlie thing but it should be a human thing to ensure we keep our mental and physical well being excellent

You’re a nicer human being to be around when you look after yourself.

My final thoughts

I certainly appreciate the spa not being attached to a gym, it feels much more ‘holistic.’ I’m taking advantage of their quiet times because I’m not a big lover of crowded spas. However,  I am looking forward to seeing how they progress once the hotel is back up and running (rumour has it, someone has just bought it) and I really hope that the local and tourist community continue to support them.

Just as I left, a man and woman pulled up in the car, as she got out to have a look around, she reported  ‘see I told you it’s still open’ getting back in the car with a smile on her face.

She’s not the only one smiling!

Check out their positive reviews : The Elegance Spa, Llangollen Trip Advisor


Update: “Elegance spa is relocating….

It is with regret that Elegance spa is having to close its doors on Monday 19th September 2016 .
After being allowed to remain open for 40 days at the Wild pheasant hotel we are being forced by the administrators of the hotel to cease trading from our current position. A new buyer for the hotel is in place and will shortly become the owner.

Elegance spa had its own building survey done which highlighted areas that required attention, areas that should have been the responsibility of the previous owner of the hotel . We are not in a financial position to carry out this work and we are not prepared to do work on property we do not own.

We are however very delighted to announce that we are relocating to a family run hotel only 400 metres up the road … Yes The White waters hotel who are very kindly building us a brand new spa …. Very exciting times ahead thank you Alison and Dave”






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