Lifestyle: Autumn Tales…

I’ve had my lovely Nan staying with us which usually marks the seasonal changes. She’s not a weather witch (as far as I know) but it’s unusually sunny whenever she stays with us.  She visits us about three times a year at the start of a new season (so that’s good weather guaranteed!).

It’s been comforting having her stay here. She potters away in the kitchen making my favourite snack – toast. And this time, she’s had chance to try my plum jam which for a non jam lover, she really likes (maybe she’s biased)?


Nan – Rik – Bel

Home is not a proper home without my Nan. I’m not too sure if she feels the same way about us? In a conversation one evening, when I asked if she’d ever come to live with us she said ‘ No, you’d all get on my… I mean I’d get on your nerves.’

So just the seasonal visits Nan?  😉

The garden is starting to change. Autumn is my favourite time of year, it’s visually stunning. One Friday, I decided to potter in the garden and snap some of the changes taking place this time of year (pictures to follow throughout).


I’ve been reading up on the debate among gardeners  that is the ‘ To Autumn Clear or Not.’ I’m sitting somewhere in the middle deciding I’m no where an expert nor educated properly on gardening enough to form too much of an opinion.

Some say your garden should be left and to avoid any intense clear ups due to small animals finding homes for the chillier months ahead. Others argue that animals will find a way around our methods and it’s the gardener’s right to have a mess free garden.


Something has been nibbling on this…

I’m doing what feels right to me. It’s in my nature to assist nature rather than to disturb it.

Therefore, the mass amount of leaves that I sweep up most days off my grass get made into hedgehog homes. I’m still buying plants to put in pots around the garden to add colour and attract any last minute insects (I’ve seen lots of butterflies around)! I’ve bought some Allium bulbs to plant in the next few weeks. They’re great for butterflies and they’ll creating a flush of purple colour at the side of my house come spring. I’ve got more bulbs to add such as tulips and daffodils ( I live in Wales, it would be rude not to)!  I’ve not picked all of the plums and left them for any wildlife that want to feast before they decay.


I’m learning as I go along and I’m still recovering from an error made in July during a mass clear up – can you blame me, the garden looked like this?


But in my weeding efforts I ended up pulling out about 15 baby trees that were put in by the last residents to create a privacy bush. I feel awful! I’ll be re-planting them soon.

With a delivery of wood and heating oil, the chillier months are certainly here. I’m swapping my t-shirts for jumpers and garden clogs for wellies. Late night star gazing happens only with hot chocolate and we’ve added some LED lights into the summer house for late night camp outs. There’s talk of putting the camp stove in there, more hot chocolate and perhaps a sofa bed?

It’s in the Autumn months I love to walk and hike in. You feel at the right temperate with your base layer and beanie on. Baby Bel doesn’t get too hot in her little jacket that keeps her snug as a bug in rug.


It’s usually around this time of year I also pinch Rik’s thick jackets (sorry-not sorry) and anything else he casts to one side because of his new purchases (spending addiction). As Autumn turns in to Winter, there’s nothing nicer than coming home to a roaring fire (if Rik does it – there’s nothing but smoke when I attempt it).

Talking of walks, this weekend, I’m meeting up with the Outdoor Bloggers to do my annual hike up Snowdon and there’s camping involved. It’s safe to say I’ve got my thermals ready (and some). I’m doubting my fitness a little – I struggled last year even though I’d had such an active year. This year hasn’t been as active but I’m hoping my gardening adventures has kept the muscle memory going.


Autumn is always a time of nostalgia for me. I said goodbye to being 25 and I turned 26 with my most dearest.  It feels like a big number but it’s probably not.  I felt quite emotional sitting by an open fire with my loved ones.  This is the most important ‘stuff’ in life.  Everyone here with me – healthy and happy.

I want it to last forever….


But life just like the seasons change and we can only ensure that we give it our all. Let go of things that do not serve. Enjoy the small moments.  Be in the moment. Plan great soul adventures and just love life as much as we can in own unique and warm ways.

Best go, Nan’s  on the jam again…

What do you love about this time of year?



6 thoughts on “Lifestyle: Autumn Tales…

    • Yes the dry weather is certainly a bonus – I’ve always remembered Autumn being a dry season anyway despite what people say. Yes the butterflies are just lovely – like you, I’ve seen a few red admirals. Aw thanks – she likes it too (when she’s not divining into mud pools with it on)!

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  1. it’s so lovely to read about the changing seasons at home, I just left again as it was beginning to get a bit autumnal so I miss all the colours and flavours, it’s really nice to experience them through your eyes. Your nan sounds lovely – makes me miss my own!

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