Lifestyle: October Outdoor Moments

When Rik bought home a soup maker and I made my first bowl of steaming carrot, sweet potato and ginger soup – it truly felt like Autumn.  This month (my favourite of them all) has been eventful to say the least and I’ve picked out some for you.

I’d love to know yours?

1. Being thrown off a horse

My mum’s a jewellery designer so she asked me (bribed me will wellies) into a countryside shoot with a friend’s horse at their lovely holiday cottage. All was going well with loving 17H Alton, till the dress spooked him! Trying to get away, I did my most successful Tarzan impression, he bucked me off and I landing flat on my back (ouch)! Still it was a fun day, the horse wasn’t traumatised by the dress ghost.


Behind the scenes (c) Laura Dod

2. Tested out a new sleeping bag

Mountain Warehouse were very good enough to send me a new sleeping bag to review for a recent trip which didn’t go to plan.  I’ll be testing it out in further  weeks to come.  I will say now that I used the season 3/4 for a 1 night camping trip and it did really well. It’s the first sleeping bag to keep me comfortably warm (more coming soon). 

3. Found a glorious campsite

We stayed at Llyn Gwynant. A majestic campsite 20 minutes outside Betws y Coed with easy access of the Llanberis and Rhyd Ddu path. Situated at the bottom of the mountains. Equipped with Jones’ Pizza Co who served us a freshly made delicious and great value for money ‘Greek’ pizza on a late, cold Friday evening after a confusing drive trying to find the campsite (the post code takes you just past it). Slightly pricier than most campsites and you’re not allowed to bring your own logs and fire pits ( small charge).  It’s  well worth it. Super clean facilities.  A giant lake where you can kayak  and canoe. Views of the dramatic Snowdonia range  and can’t forget the pizza!


Enter a caption

Sadly only there for one night and with some torrential down pour, we couldn’t do much exploring (or photo taking).  Certainly one to check out for next year.

4. Clocked up my first 100 miles

‘Llanberis’ and I have been on some micro adventures and I’m feeling more confident about  going further a field. I like to visit the Chirk Aqueduct because it’s a scenic ride from my place and it’s the closest place with a cafe that has free Wifi. Rik  thought he’d  coined the phrase ‘motorhiking’ but it’s an actual thing!


I’ve now got a Sat Nav, so I’m planning my first long trip to perhaps Betws Y Coed  (one of my favourite places in North Wales) for my first long ride (weather permitting).

5. Set health targets

My fitness and I have been having words. I’ve not done as much with moving etc so since I live at the bottom of a hill, the pup and I are tackling it twice a day come rain or shine. I’ve also got a steps tracker on my phone and I plan to dust out my GPS unit and get out on the Berwyns over the winter. I love woodland and more land walking this time of year.


6. Re-visited Palé Hall Hotel

I discovered the gem that is Palé Hall quite some years ago. It’s since been taken over and it’s had a make over (dog friendly too)! I had a little last minute stop here for tea, cake and a grand tour recently. We even got to see the super duper luxurious Powys suite. Each room’s named after a Welsh castle.

Pale Hall
I’m saving my review of them till I go there for an afternoon tea with an outdoor blogger friend of mine. However I will say, as well as the delicious location and glorious re-decoration, I loved how the staff treated me no differently to anyone else considering I’d not showered in 24 hours, equipped with muddy hiking boots and yesterday’s clothes on (I’d been camping)!

Head over to my instagram for more pictures.

7. Getting my vlog on (kind of)

Remembering my ramblings last year of how I wanted to join the 21st century and vlog. Through lack of time, confidence and equipment it’s restricted me. This month I thought screw it – let’s do it and took to my new Samsung Galaxy to record a few 1 minute snippets on Instagram.

I’ll never be an avid vlogger ( I love writing too much) but I like the idea of doing video diaries whilst I’m off on adventures so you may see me pop up on Instagram now and then…

8. Become a Huffington Post Contributor 

I used to write for a load of publications but lack of time has prohibited me. I really want to carry on writing not only for my clients but myself too, hence this blog! I finally submitted a piece to the Huffington Post which was accepted. It’s a bit different to what’s on here but it will always have an outdoors connection.

Ta-da you’ve reached the end! Tell me about your moments….



4 thoughts on “Lifestyle: October Outdoor Moments

  1. This month, well the best is still to come. i’m off to the Lakes again tomorrow and as always I’m like a giddy kid in a sweet shop!! And a soup maker!! I didn’t know they existed, just googled it and that’s on my Christmas list. One with a 24 hour timer so when I get home from walking its there all ready!!!

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