Lifestyle: Hello November – Surprise Me!

I’m certainly making an effort to get outdoors more often – in fact twice a day every day. Over on Instagram, I’ve been on a 2 week  walking challenge  – 2.5 miles a day .  Yesterday, on the third week, I’ve upped my limit to 5 miles a day (split in to two walks).


The weather and the environment has been kind to me so far apart from the occasional few days of fog.  I laughed when my neighbour told me we had our own micro-climate up here in the Welsh hills but she’s right!

Autumn is in full swing. Burnt oranges, russets, leaf mould, naked trees.  Early mornings with golden sun rises, darker evenings with thick fog. I’ve seen more birds in the past month than I have all summer. The nearby forest is teaming full of squawks, screeches and ‘twit-awhoos.’  The Kites and Buzzards circle in the sky during dusk – calling out to others across the valleys.   The land looks like a patch work quilt, it’s recovered from harvesting season and no longer looks like a sandy colour.  It’s rich in a variety of greens and textures.

The lanes are rugged around here…

I feel good – I haven’t felt this good in a long time. My legs seem willing to walk longer and often and I hope  come rain or shine, it’ll continue.   My mind’s clear – happy, apparently all of this fresh air is good for you! It certainly feels that way.

Alton – after throwing me off last month, he’s warmed to me!

It can be a struggle during A/W for most people to make an effort to get outside. I’m one of those so I have to make an extra effort.  I’ve therefore been indulging in a hot bowl of porridge with plum or strawberry jam which sets me up for my early morning walks.  Rik and I, talked about how starting the day how you mean to go on is important especially in those  gloomier months – it’s been really nice to have breakfast with him and dog  (she likes porridge too) before we go our separate ways.

Bananas are our walking snack…

My lungs and legs are welcoming November.

How about you – how do you stay motivated around this time of year?