Country Lifestyle: Warming to Winter

My house smells of smouldering wood and it feels oh so homely. A country home to me is not one without a log burner. I recently had one fitted in my front room which has now become the heart of the home. I get excited when my bag of logs are dropped off from the neighbour who sells them to the locals for next to nothing.

*Chucks another log on the fire – crackle!*


I haven’t got used to the splinters though yet…

Along with the smell of wood, my scented candles are burning. My favourite winter fragrances are vanilla and cinnamon but currently I’m finishing off the summer berry which I’ve hardly used. Lounging and working around in the garden over the summer meant I was hardly in to burn my candles – that certainly changes this time of year.


Technically it’s a bit too early for talk of winter but the hills would have you believe other wise. The bitterly cold winds surge through the valley and it echoes as it hits the trees. A storm is magnificent to watch up here – rain drops feel much more heavier – colder. Even more brilliant to watch with a hot cup of something sweet. There’s been frosty mornings with slippery roads which I’ve tread carefully on, envying the pup as her spider -man grips allow her to carry on about her business. Bitterly cold nights force me to sleep in my socks (like I need any encouragement) and then on the odd occasion, there’s a warm sunny day which tricks you into a summer way of thinking – arms out! Only to realise come a pitch black  5pm your elbows have gone blue…


Meanwhile in the garden

I’ve given up trying to keep the leaves at bay in my garden.  I’m surrounded by Oak, Maple, Ash, Burch and fruit trees which are intent on discarding their used leaves. So rather than every other day like when Autumn first arrived, I sweep them up every week or so leaving them in piles for the bugs and what not to nest. We all deserve a home. Check the link out – a cause close to my heart.

Whilst I’m not adding plants to my garden other than spring bulbs, I’ve put a few bird feeders around the place. On my walks, I’m fascinated by the masses of swooping starlings who all fly in unison – how do they do that so well?! They feast on the red berries that adorn the naked trees. I love bird watching, it’s certainly fascinating and therapeutic. The starlings don’t feast on my bird feeders but the robins, blue tits and black birds do. I love watching the robins – they’re comical little bullies who chase away smaller birds until the black birds get them back. There’s two blue tits (no snigers please) who are frequent visitors to my feeders, I’ve named them Mavis and Jarvis and  oh, Henry is the black bird.


Buy 1 Get 1 Free at the Wyvale Garden Centre

Soon I’ll be stocking up on sacks of food just in case we see a drastic change in weather and I can’t get out. There’s nothing like hot mash potatoes with lashing of gravy or fragrant risottos to keep you warm is there? The heating oil has been put in, coal has been added to the supplies and I’ve find myself making up  food shopping lists for around Christmas time, when family comes to stay.


As it gets colder, I may or may not make an excuse about visiting people – what can I say, I’m a home body and you’re more than welcome to visit me. 😉 But I’ll always have an urge to get outdoors, feed the mind with some fresh air, appreciate the ever changing beauty and swear to never take this for granted.Things haven’t always been easy but with the help of family and friends, I’ve hung in there. Determination does pay off. I find myself taking pleasure in the most smallest of moments and try to find a silver cloud in everything.  It certainly helps with a more fulfilled way of living.


I’m planning a micro adventure to the Snowdonia camp site I visited in October, here I’ll be testing out the my new season 4 tent and Mountain Warehouse sleeping back and the Jetboil Flash. We’ll probably end up doing a walk up the Llanberis path to the half way cafe – I doubt we’ll get any further, it’s all weather dependant.  And as my Nan asks me, IN THE WINTER?! Yes Nan even in the winter there’s adventure to be had.


Winter isn’t for everyone but it’s no good moaning about it, ceasing to do anything and letting your mood become icy. It’s part of the season, it has to happen for a multitude of things to be born, grow and thrive in the warmer seasons.   It’s best then to take comfort in the small things that cheer you up and do more of that….

How will you be warming to winter?



15 thoughts on “Country Lifestyle: Warming to Winter

  1. Soup for me. Wish I had a log burner, wanted one for years now but haven’t the house to put one in. Looking to move so hopefully will remedy that. Plus there’s the C word on the horizon, I don’t mind it to be honest, I certainly prefer it to New Year. I’m a good shopper so I’m heading in next week to start buying for people. This time of year you become very dependent on the weather for getting out at weekends, Dartmoor isn’t the place to get caught out and hopefully the rain we had last year will stay away!!

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    • Soup is a good winter warmer. Oh that’s great, if space is ever an issue look at summer house or canal boat log burners they’re compact. I will probably C shop C eve I’m very last min. I wish I was as organised as you. You got that right but so far so good tho we have had our first frosting of snow today. I bet Dartmoor looks splendid blanketed in snow…. I will have to wait for some pics. ☺

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  2. Have an awesome time at Llyn Gwynant again – and hope the weather is kind enough so you can get up Snowdon at least part way. I love winter hiking, it makes the roaring fires and hearty stews even more satisfying, glad to hear you’re still adventuring in the darker months.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you! I know me too, it’s certainly a little cold and icy currently. Mmm Stew with dumplings!!! I think you’ve to make more of an effort to get out in the darker months or darker moods can set in instead…. Thanks for stopping by! 🙂


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