Outdoors: Meaningful Christmas Gift Guide

I had a conversation with my blogger friend the other day about these gift guides for Christmas and to be honest it’s not what my blog’s about. I see Christmas as a commercial time  (more concerned with how much you buy rather than the thought behind it).  My mum and nan have always been big on either crafting their own gifts or finding super practical things that I still have to this day!   I’ve seen so many Christmas gifting guides which are useful but I can’t help think they don’t really fit in with what I’m about….

So here’s my own take of a Christmas Gifting Guide…

Adopt an Acre of Mountain

The John Muir is asking people to adopt an acre of iconic land to help protect the future of our wild. You’ve three iconic mountains to choose from: Ben Nevis – Schiehallion – Blà Bheinn, Skye.

And yes I’ve put this on my Santa list!

Protect Open Spaces and Historic Buildings

The National Trust really do give you value for money. They provide some amazing days out across the UK. My mum got me a yearly membership for my birthday last year which I renewed again this year. Somebody once said why should we have to pay for green spaces when they are free anyway? Good question….

A green space is never free. It’s at competition with people who want to put lots of ugly houses and build factories and power plants that yes provide jobs etc but we need a planet to live on in order to sustain ourselves!

I’ve Powys and Chirk castle near to me so if you’re in the area drop in – they’re magical.

Keep Someone Warm

I love camping and sleeping under the stars but that’s because it’s voluntary and I’m  wrapped up warm in a safe space.  These guys helps those who don’t always have a choice about where they sleep and seriously, if you look at how much just one donation is to keep someone warm, most of us spend that amount a day in well known coffee shops!

Gift Your Gear 

I recently was a sent a pair of boots from Hi Tech to review which were too small, so whilst I waited for the right size, they insisted on me gifting them to someone who needed them. I decided to gift them to my good friend, a mum of 2, who works pretty hard along with her partner to give her family a good life – she loves to walk so it will be nice to see her get some use out of them.

I passed my old pair of Regatta’s on to my mum as hers had holes in the soles!

There’s always been a negative association with ‘hand me downs’ but in a world that can’t support mass production, I think we need to get a little clever. Someone’s junk is another’s treasure!

Gift your gear is  a fantastic initiative that allows you to gift your unwanted outdoor clothes to others who need it more.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my Christmas gifting guide – let me know if it’s been helpful!



21 thoughts on “Outdoors: Meaningful Christmas Gift Guide

  1. I love alternatives to the commercial gifts. I love the idea of adopting a piece of mountain – I hadn’t heard of that one before 🙂

    I’m one for crafting presents, baking and if I buy something it is from a local independent person which I think makes it even more special and supports local people too. I love that it is not another gift guide too 🙂


  2. Like the Gift Your Gear one at the bottom, I’ve at least one pair of trousers that clearly must have shrunk in the wash as they now don’t fit. And I’m known as fleece boy as I have too many of those. A job for Sunday will be to sort a pile me thinks! Thanks for this Chelsea.

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  3. Love this Chelsea. Some lovely ideas for making Xmas gifting more thoughtful.

    A lot of bloggers just to gift guides based on sponsored items. I don’t value them because they have been paid to include them and don’t necessarily like the items themselves!

    Jenni Tulip x
    The Thrifty Magpies Nest

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