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Up until a few weeks ago, with frost on the ground, snow on the distant mountains and ice cold sun sets, the robins had flocked to my bird feeders and  it was beginning to look and feel a lot like Christmas.


At the time of writing this,  we’ve had nothing but soggy, wet and grey days.  Not one crisp morning!  That said, we have had some misty morning and foggy evenings which vary up the winter(ish) weather.


Still, since it’s our first Christmas in our new home, we’re making more of an effort this year. I say we but it’s actually Rik who started it by bringing home a surprise Christmas tree equipped with my favourite coloured decorations and lights.

2016-12-09 13.31.00_resized.jpg

We got a few home made decorations from the local craft fayre in the village including this orange and cinnamon wreath.  And I’m pretty sure I’ve been asked to make some hanging faeries with my mum to add as extras for the tree.

2016-12-09 13.28.46_resized.jpg

Then there was the unplanned but early Christmas shop (it was a fluke)  whilst I was having my scooter fixed at the garage. We set a small budget for everyone this year and went halves on practical gifts. Again all Rik’s doing. I’m more of a last minute (Christmas eve) kind of girl.  Granted I’ve still a few things to get but we spent a cosy evening by the fire making a start on the wrapping.


I’m not a Santa wrapping paper, sparkles kind of girl. I like simple with an element of nature and thanks to Pinterest I got a few ideas for Christmas wrapping this year.


It involved a late night journey (equipped with the head torch on) to the garden to pick some Canadian blue and Holly we have growing in abundance.  Again Rik is the handy one, with nimble fingers (unlike my shovels) he’s able to tie a good knot.

And then there’s the evening games by a roaring fire. Not necessary a Christmas tradition more of a winter one. We’re not big watchers of TV in our home. No Sky or Freeview and we don’t even have the basic 5 channels (shock horror). When we’re not outdoors we prefer to read, get creative, watch an occasional DVD or play games.    Card games such as Chase the Ace or 21 are among the favourites as well as Jenga, Snakes and Ladders and I’m even attempting to learn how to play Chess.

2016-12-09 13.31.31_resized.jpg

As someone pointed out – the Jenga Piece is upside down, it’s how we Jenga!

As for food, I’ll most probably have a look around for some food ideas between now and Christmas (I want to make these). I’m not one for trying to cook a perfect meal or impress everyone.  I watched the Stepford Wives once and decided that wasn’t really for me…. We’ll do our Christmas shop early Christmas eve. The household is vegetarian so no fighting over those unfortunate Chickens and Turkeys.


Found Santa’s wellie – HAD to go on the tree!

On the 23rd, we’ll drive to Cheshire to pick my Nan up, she’s spent the last 3 Christmases with us. She always comes bearing gifts including lots of food to stock us up.  On the 26th, we’ll drive to Rik’s mums in Mid Wales,  gift swap and have lunch. I’m really lucky because both of our families get on well, so there’s no Christmas drama!

Well except mum and I, we always have some sort of silly spat until we bond over baked goods… 😉

My Christmas Prep List :

  • Re-fill the bird feeders. Those greedy b..irds!
  • Send out some cards to clients & neighbours
  • Pop over to Pinterest for come Vegetarian Christmas cooking ideas
  • Get a few more practical gifts
  • Plant the last of my spring bulbs before it gets colder
  • I should probably add a clear / clean up

How about you ? What does your Christmas preparations look like?



14 thoughts on “Lifestyle:Christmas Preparations

  1. David and I don’t have a TV either. I’m vegetarian too and usually do a roast with Quorn turkey steaks, but this year I don’t seem to be able to buy them in the supermarkets so probably something by Linda McCartney will have to do! David is a meat eater so he’ll have his dinner and I mine.

    I’m lucky as I love next door to my mum, who will come to us again this Christmas for present swapping and lunch. Boxing Day we visit my brother and nephews and then David’s parents. I have a little 3ft Christmas tree up, decked with lights and polar bears/birds. Artie, the cat has an advent calendar. I love all the lights at Christmas!

    Your Christmas presents looked lovely all wrapped up!

    Hope you have a happy Christmas and wonderful New Year! x

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    • It’s always great to meet others who watch TV! Ah yes Quorn, I’ve seen the Quorn joint and they stock that in Morrisons. How lovely! My blogger friend’s sister lives next door to her and they do the same. Aw I love the idea of the cat having an advent and I never knew you could get one?! Thank you very much, it’s something a little different and simple to do too. I always think it’s a shame so much paper gets wasted over the season….. A merry Christmas and a exceptional New Year to you, I was just having a nosy of your blog. xx

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  2. I love Christmas and all the prep. I’m pretty organised this year (well, for me!) Once I finish work on Christmas eve I cannot wait to spend a few days with my family and eat and drink and be merry.Love your wrapping, so simple yet so very pretty 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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