Lifestyle: 6 Things My Puppy Taught Me

Baby Bel at only a few months old, along with her sister Sky, broke out of their cot one evening and raided the cupboard for a bag of dog food. The next day they were so bloated, they couldn’t walk!

Baby Bel.jpg

Little chunk!


I knew then, she was mine. We’d both doing anything for food! I originally wanted a black Labrador who goes by the name of buddy now. His big black eyes said ‘take me home’ and he licked my shoulder.

Bel however, was all over Rik and then came to check me out, with a sniff and a quick lick I think I’d passed her human criteria.  Baby Bel it was, since she reminded us of her mum Big Bel (who we love dearly).  I felt emotional taking Baby Bel from Big Bel, she looked somewhat worried that her daughter who’d stayed with her longer than all of the other pups wouldn’t come back.


Puppies & Big Bel


We keep in touch with all of the pups and of course Big Bel, they’ve gone for walks together and she teaches them things until they get on her nerves or interrupt her play time and then she shows them who’s boss!


Sky (Black) Rocky (Yellow) and Big Bel celebrating their Birthdays


Bay Bel turned 1 early on in the week! It’s gone so fast. We’ve certainly grown into one another.  Whilst she inhaled her dogie cupcakes, I wrote this post….


Baby Bel at 4 months


1. Responsibility

I never want children. Animals have always been the better option.  I’ve always had cats as I admire their independent streak but you don’t learn the true art of responsibility. Having Bel certainly changed that – she’s been a lifestyle changer. I suddenly have to make dog sitting arrangements. I can’t take her out on my scooter (although a side car could be an option….) and there’s someone else to think about other than me.

I’ve had to say goodbye to some much loved cafes and compile a list of ‘dog friendly places.’  Lunch times are never the same with drool on your lap.

2. Routine

Since I work in the tech sector, I used to be able to do a 12 hour computer stint with the curtains closed. That’s changed so much  since I moved out to North Wales but especially since getting Bel. There’s no way of avoiding   getting up early for feeds, walks and playtime. And to be honest, I feel much better for it.


Bel at around 7 / months


I’ve no choice otherwise it’s a sock in the mouth with her clumsy paws…

4. Adventure

Having Bel has helped me to be that little more adventurous. Now we take off together with bananas in our backpack and explore our new area together. I genuinely feel safe on my own anyway but having her, provides that extra bit of security and someone to talk with on the way there and back.

I get that bit more exercise when she decides to chase something she shouldn’t!


5. Zest

When she was real small – she’d run through the corn fields, ears and tongue flapping in the wind with this incredible zest for life. She was seeing everything for the first time and she’s kept that quality as she’s got older.  Her zest and appetite for life is inspiring. Imagine what it must feel like to be that happy about everything you see and experience, all of the time?! So I’ve taken a page out of Bel’s furry book.

6. You don’t need a hot water bottle

Camping with Bel is a dream. Bye bye cold nights. Hello Baby Bel hot water bottle.

Although questionable at times when she pinches the duvet!

As the saying goes ‘dogs are for life, not just for Christmas’ and that applies to every animal. It really makes me sad to see animals passed on because they’re not small anymore or they require too much time and energy.   Having an animal is a precious gift and one huge responsibility – it’s a life you are looking after! There’s a few things I’ve accepted about having a Larador such as I’ll always spend most of the day apologising for her unruly behaviour or the fact I’ll never be able to be dog hair free again (no matter how much sticky tape I use).



I certainly couldn’t imagine life without my lovely, intelligent and  affectionate lady.



Sweet potato and peanut butter cupcakes


P.S. As I’m writing this, she’s shoving her Frisbee in my face, I’ve got her not so subtle hint!

What do your animals teach you?



2 thoughts on “Lifestyle: 6 Things My Puppy Taught Me

  1. Aw I love this post. Its so cool that Bel and you still get to see her siblings and Mum.I have always wondered how Hugos brothers and sisters turned out! Having a dog is certainly a lifestyle changer. I always used to have cats before I got together with Wil who is more of a dog person. You are so right about their enthusiasm for life, their dependance and they are always happy to see you. I would not be without Hugo even though like you I do find myself apoligising for him such a lot! Great post.xx

    Liked by 1 person

    • Aww thank you!! Hugo is a good looking chap and I love the name. Yes it’s certainly a luxury that we get to keep in touch. We see more of Sky and Rocky because family have them but with the others, we set up a puppy fb group up so everyone sends pics and thoughts across. I always show Baby Bel the screen but she’s too busy trying to eat it lol. Hehe like you say as much as we spend time apologising for them, they’re our way of life. Thanks for reading. It means a lot! xxx

      Liked by 1 person

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