Outdoors: 7 Ways to Walk More in 2017

Since I’m doing this Walk 1000 miles 2017 challenge with Country Walking magazine, I’ve had a ton of people say ‘Oh I couldn’t do that – where do you find the time?!’ equally I’ve had many people say they’d like to join in too which is great!  However I’ve noticed that people seem to be under the impression that walking more means taking off to open spaces in the countryside and by all means, that’s totally my bag!  But it doesn’t have to mean that if time, finance and motivation is an issue…

Firstly, to walk 1000 miles in 12 months is about 2.74 miles per day which is nothing so how about these:

  1. Walk to the local shop  

You’ll be surprised how the miles clock up by just walking to the shop for a pint of milk or a loaf of bread.

2. Walk to school  / work

If you’ve got kids resist the urge to jump in the car (obviously depending how far you live from school) set off a little earlier and walk there and back. The same goes for work.

3. Walk around the garden

Walk a few laps around the garden no matter the size of your garden – you’re moving that’s all that matters

4. Walk for your lunch

Get out of the office and walk to go and get your lunch. Even better, packed lunches are enjoyed more in the outdoors.

5.  Take a longer walk on the weekends

Sunday is my day for longer walks. It’s free after all just pack some lunch!

6.  Take a dog for a walk

If it’s your own then great, you shouldn’t have a dog if you’re not walking him or her. But if you don’t have a dog why not borrow one for the day? One from an an elderly neighbor, a busy mum and so on. With permission of course!

7.  Walk up and down your stairs

I find this more knackering than going for a hilly walk! When the weather is not too great, I’ll do a few laps up and down my stairs – DAMN can you feel the burn!

Food for thought…

There’s loads of free walking apps which will count your mileage and steps which can be motivational. Sometime it’s nice to just walk without having to track what you’ve done so maybe mix it up a little?

I know time is a BIG issue for many but I find those that complain about it, still have time to check social media or watch TV and they’re both activities that can take quite a few hours up of our time!  Instead walk. It’s great for thinking time, it keeps you healthy and you know never what you may see or who you may meet along the way.

I’d love to know, if you’ve any walking plans for 2017? My goal for January is to have walked 100 miles and then I’ll be donating a small fee to KipBag.


P.S I received this recently and I’m so chuffed!

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