Outdoors: Walking in a Winter Wonderland

It started at 10 pm last night and in my clogs and dressing gown, rushed out with the pup & co to do a celebratory dance and then wondered if we’d be able to get out?

When the morning came along with the gritters we knew we wouldn’t be stuck (I quite like the idea of not having to go anywhere…) but luckily the country lanes which are not as used as the main roads still and  were still covered in a couple of inches of the white stuff. Not to mention the surrounding hills. As my mum ‘sweetly’ put it today ‘the hills look as thought they’ve  been sprinkled with icing sugar.’ Spoken like a true sugar addict that you are…. 😛


Obviously I had to go for a walk! These past 2 weeks I’ve walked 45 miles (which I’m pretty chuffed about) a walk in the snow is a perfect way to celebrate what’s been a scenic start to January.


From a stunning  day over looking Llangollen (which you can see on my Instagram) to an equally stunning but very different winter scenery.


It’s the pups first time in snow and I’ve never seen her so excited. She thought it was food to begin with! Then she worked out she could drink it, chase it, roll in it and ice skate (over the frozen puddles). It was such a pleasure to watch how excited she was about it.


One of my New Year goals is to not only walk more but take more pictures. I’m forever snapping on my Samsung Galaxy S4 but I want to get some ‘proper’ camera practice so I pinched Rik’s Cannon to have a little practice on.


I swear the local farmer’s must think ‘bloody tourists what’s so fascinating about my field!? ‘


Tonight, we just had another covering, so it’s  thicker! The ironic thing is, 3 miles away in the village, there’s nothing which just goes to show you how unpredictable Mother E is.  If you are going out walking in the snow remember to:

  • Dress warm
  • Take a flask of something hot
  • Tell someone where you’re going
  • Bare in mind with snow comes other unpredictable weather
  • It’s harder going walking in snow – you’ll feel like you’ve covered more ground when you haven’t


I only got 2 miles when a SW wind and more snow showers started driving in and I was concerned ‘my’ camera was going to get wet! Since we’re so close to the Berwyns, we get quite a bit of mountain type weather which I find fascinating.

We both retreated a mile the opposite way where the sun was cracking  and the snow melting…


There’s something cleansing about snow (until it leaves the dreaded sludge) …   I’m thrilled to  have got my snowy time especially since we’ve only lived here for 8 months. The seasons, have been wonderful to experience all in their own way.



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