Lifestyle : Hello February 

Hello February! The start of the month sees me hibernating in the warmest room in the house when the fire is not lit (the bathroom). Therefore I’m writing to you from in here curled up with the radiator and my shadow (the puppy).

Fabulous February (thanks Leönie Dawson) is about recovering from taxing January  (that’s my own not too juicy slogan). After getting my freelance content writing affairs in order (orderly for me at least),  I seek solstice in coloured gel pens, a lovely new daily planner and a variety of country style type magazines in search of inspiration.  And cookies.

It seems I will be having many more personal writing journeys since Creative Countryside announced me as their Adventure Editor. I’m beyond excited to contribute to their seasonal inspired offline and online magazine. I was that excited, I bought new stationary and went to my favourite coffee and vegan cafe (Liar & Liar & Fat Rabbit in Oswestry) and mapped out some content ideas.

This month is about furthering my skills not only for my content marketing business but also for my personal projects! Writing and photography are certainly on my list but a pass time of mine currently involves constructing a doll’s house plus furniture.

If Rik’s not reading this, I’d like to say I’m pretty darn good at putting it altogether.

If you are reading Rik,  OK so I apologise for taking the credit. In reality my non logical brain looked at the directions and sank further down into my skull.  It’s the same feeling I get with map reading (another skill I’m keen to fulfill).

On the upside tho, when it’s all built I’ve got the painting skills to rock this! (Maybe)

February also means Valentines. I’m not massive on the whole ocassion, single,  partnered or otherwise but it’s an excuse to take advantage of an adventurous filled day. We’re going bouldering – indoors since the weather is so unpredictable!

I think this time of month should be filled with extra things to uplift you. Here’s a few off my list :

  •  Journaling – write out a joyous memory of an activity, special day or something else which makes you smile.
  • Read something new – like Creative Countryside. 😉
  • Put together a list of adventures you’d like to complete this year (forget about realism) and then research them.
  • Take up a 30 day challenge – yoga, photography, blogging, walking?! (Mine‘s Yoga).
  • Do a good deed – open the door, buy a big issue, make someone their lunch, compliment another etc.

Walking wise it’s been a slow start. I did get off the bus a few stops earlier and took a walk through Chirk Bank and over the aqueduct since it’s one of my favourite places around here. Yes it was only 2 miles but it all adds up. I’m set on 100 miles this month even though there’s less days in the month. You’ve to aim high right!

Well that’s me, I’d love to hear about you. I certainly appreciate the rise of comments I’ve been getting lately.

P.S. A big thank you to Sarah from The Urban Wanderer for interviewing me.


8 thoughts on “Lifestyle : Hello February 

  1. Get you!! The writer in a magazine!! Well done. I’ll be the one who commented on Chelsea’s post before she was famous!!! Lol. Can I have an autograph !!! No seriously, its well deserved. As for Feb I’m just hoping its better than January, weather wise it was pathetic down here in the last 3 weeks. I have cabin fever and need to see Dartmoor again, plus I’m itching to finish my Dartmoor tors list, I’ve 3 to do, I might cry at the end, and then start them again!! Plus money wise January is always a looooong month! So I’m currently booking a few bits now I have a few pennies to spare! Keep up the good work Chelsea


    • Hahaha you do make me chuckle!!! Thanks, my roots started off in mags but I could never find the right one to fit into, so it’s great to have finally found it. Oh no still not great hey? Plenty of fog here…. Urh Cabin Fever, get on the jigsaws… Spring won’t be long! Oooh exciting, look forward to read what you’re adventures will entail. x

      Liked by 1 person

  2. You’ve got so many cool projects on the go!
    I’ve been meaning to set myself a 30 day challenge…something to get me moving again after spending an entire month sat at a desk working on blogs and websites.
    Looking forward to the next update 🙂


    • Hey Bex, totally meaning to reply to your FB msg asap. I get bored easily haha so yes the more the better but then I have a tendency to take on too much and tier myself out… It can takes its toll on you sitting around for long periods of time can’t it! x


  3. I love February, there’s the first tantalising glimpses of SPring, although this constant greyness is getting a bit boring! Well done on your new role at Creative COuntryside, will have to start reading it!


    • Hey Lauren! Yes we’ve had a few days where the grey has lifted and it’s been incredibly warm but the grey’s back more often…. Thank you very much, I submitted my first contribution (will go out in March). Yes do have a read, I think you’d like the site’s vibe. x


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