Lifestyle: Hello March!

I’ve spent the first few days of this month breaking through the 200 miles walking barrier and celebrated on the Berwyn moorlands.  The mountains in the distance were blanketed in the snow and the rain and winds were driving in a little fast as we navigated over boggy lands. I’d say navigate but the pup would say swim / dive!   


Come late summer, the Heather clad moorelands will be bright purple and pink. I learnt that Heather is one of the last blooming plants and it marks the end of the warmer seasons.

On the subject of  the outdoors, I’d like to say a big thank you to Mountain Warehouse for  an awesome 3in1 jacket  that was gifted and I’ve been testing out over the year. It’s kept me warm, dry and able to tackle all weathers with a thermal detachable layer, tapered zips and waterproof abilities.  It’s my all year around piece of kit!  Mountain Warehouse are  brilliant for entry level kit as well as one a bit more serious about investing a little more into their gear. 



The funny thing was as I was taking some product shots, I happened to slip over! Hey it’s never glamorous out here in countryside. 😉

One morning, we woke to find we had 6 – 7 inches of snow.  It was mesmerizing and the thickest we’ve had  yet!  Completely unexpected since we’ve had warm Spring days. But then we do have a micro climate up here…. Of course we had a few snowball fights and a quick pad around the back lanes, unfortunately getting blasted with grit as the gritter sped by! The next morning, it began to melt and it left a white grazing on the hills for days after.


My daffs are not yet bursting with colour  (as you can see above) so I can’t treat you to a beam of sunshine but they are there reminding me that greatness takes time. I’m  beginning to spend a bit more time in the garden fantasizing about the projects which will soon be upon us.  We plan to make a pallet fence which will be painted in the same blue as my trellis, currently home to the Honeysuckle. I want to grow a Wisteria over the new fence and have done so since  I saw a spectacular creation growing at the Powys castle and gardens a few years back!

Signs of Spring are all around… 


I plan to grow a bed of Lavender by a bush which is home to many bees in the summer, in hope to attract more since I use this space to grow vegetables.  No doubt I’ll have my head in the gardening books again this year. I have about 3 years of gardening magazines  given to me by my neighbor. Although I recently just joined Amazon’s Prime and have been spending my early hour am’s reading like there’s no tomorrow  (Ric thinks I’m crazy) so I suspect there’ll  be a few veggie growing type books (though nothing beats the tactile experience of devouring a physical book…)


This is the bush last year!

Whilst there’s much to do in the garden, I can’t help but plan adventures.  We’re taking off at the end of this month to Lleyn Peninsula and giving glamping a try courtesy of Wigwam Holidays.  Italian adventures grow closer and closer (May) and I’m on the lookout for a pair of trekking trainers as the Dolomites are on the to-do list.  Cornwall has been booked for August – surfs up dude! Although I suspect it’ll be SUP and body-boarding for me and the dog.


Unfortunately it’s not all flowers and travels, I had some pretty nasty news recently which knocked me off my perch temporarily.  I’m back on it now after having one long hard think about how good I’ve actually got it compared to others in the past and sadly present.  I love this time of year – it’s all metaphorical and ‘stuff’ and I find myself using these metaphors to help push, motivate and inspire me on further.


Life would be boring if it was perfect all of the time wouldn’t it? That said, I appreciate perfection most of the time! 😉

What does March mean to you?

Disclaimer: All slips, trips and views are my own



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